Why do girlfriends buy sexy underwear?


Girlfriend’s buying sexy underwear is a classic problem for every male.Why do women buy sexy underwear?This may be because women’s self -feelings and self -esteem, or because they want to add some fun.

Enhance confidence

Women wearing fun underwear can enhance their confidence.When a woman notice the change of her appearance, they feel more sexy and charming.This self -confidence will also convey to their boyfriend or husband, making them feel more attractive.

Add fun

Sex underwear is a favorable tool for adding sexual love.Women wearing sexy underwear can attract their partners, making sex more interesting and fulfilling.Interest underwear is suitable for any occasion, including the game, sex, party and dance, and so on.

Express love

Women wearing fun underwear hope that her partner can love herself more.Men will feel women’s intentions and surprises, and return their love.

Try freshness

Sexy underwear allows women to try new things, which may make sex more intense and interesting.Women can try novel dressing methods on sex occasions, such as conjoined stockings or messy hair to achieve the greatest charm of sexy underwear.

Improve sexual experience

Wearing a sexy underwear allows women to learn a lot of sexual experience.They can try new postures or use adult toys to achieve more sexual experience.Interest underwear can also make them play different roles, such as wives or nurses, add more fun.

Increase interest

Sex underwear can also add interests between husband and wife.When a woman puts on a sexy underwear, her partner will feel more like and want her more.This can bring more intimate moments and increase the density of the relationship between the two sides.

Add a romantic atmosphere

Women’s wearing fun underwear can bring more romantic atmosphere, which is good for maintaining stability of husband and wife.When a woman is wearing a sexy underwear, she feels charming and sexy, and her sleep will be more pleasant.

privacy protection

Wearing a sexy underwear can also protect women’s private space.They can choose their favorite color and size to make them more confident.Interest underwear is relatively private, usually choosing and wear for personal personnel, ensuring their privacy.

in conclusion

Women buying sexy underwear is the most autonomous and normal thing.Interest underwear not only makes women feel more sexy and charming, but also add sexual and romantic atmosphere, while bringing more sexual experience and interests.Therefore, as men, we should better understand and support women’s needs and choices in sexy.

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