Why are there less sexy underwear physical stores

Why are there less sexy underwear stores?

With the development of society and people’s requirements for the quality of life, the sex lingerie market has received more and more attention and attention, and sales have risen year by year.However, we will find that there are relatively few sexy underwear stores and less than other industries. Why?The following is some possible reasons.

1. The consumer group is relatively small.

Compared with the normal underwear market, the consumer groups of sex underwear are relatively small, and the traditional mass market does not invest too much investment.This has led to an increase in the difficulty of opening the physical underwear physical store, and the risk of opening a store is also greater.

2. Restrictions on laws and regulations

The attributes of sexy underwear itself are controversial, and they involve sex, and they need to be bound by many laws and regulations.Therefore, the opening of physical stores requires many supportive licenses and qualifications, such as dealer license and food circulation license. The application process is cumbersome and requires a certain qualification and strength, which also increases the difficulty of investment in physical stores.

3. Regional restrictions

Due to the special attributes of sexy underwear, many places need to protect minors. For the opening of physical stores, it has been limited by some.Essence

4. The industrial chain is not complete enough, and the channels are not mature enough

At present, the industrial chain of the sex underwear industry has not been established very well, and the production, processing, sales and supporting services are relatively scattered, resulting in inadequate sales channels.Many manufacturers are just wholesale, without their own brands, and their own sales channels. This makes the opening of sexy underwear physical stores more challenging.

5. Different consumption characteristics

Due to the characteristics of consumers in the sexy underwear market, sexy underwear sales channels are more complicated. Traditional sales channels, such as shopping malls, are difficult to expose customers who want to buy sexy underwear products.This requires finding more effective sales channels and propaganda methods to increase consumer experience.

6. The development of online shopping

With the rapid development of e -commerce, sexy underwear products of various brands have gradually formed their own sales channels on the e -commerce platform, and the sales network is wider.Facing the convenient, fast and hidden online shopping, many consumers gradually transfer the needs of buying sexy underwear to the Internet, thereby reducing the needs of physical stores.

7. The cost of land rent is high

Because the opening, evaluation and rent recruitment process of sexy underwear are relatively cumbersome, the corresponding rent and land rent costs are relatively high. This is also one aspect of less sexy underwear physical stores.

8. High propaganda threshold

The promotion of sexy underwear needs to be adopted to be concealed, and at the same time, it is necessary to prevent too obvious advertisements from being seized by some institutions.This requires a lot of targeted publicity, and it is also particularly limited in advertising. It is more difficult.

in conclusion:

In summary, there are many reasons for the few sexy underwear physical stores. Among them, the industrial chain is not complete, the consumption characteristics are different, the legal and regulations are constrained, the development of online shopping, the regional restrictions, and the high land rental costs have a certain impact on the development of physical store business.But this is just a big potential problem for investors to set up a sexual underwear physical store. As long as you choose the correct entry point and grasp the consumer’s psychological demands, effectively cooperate in terms of publicity and sales, and can still be in interest in interests.Based on the underwear market.

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