Who stole my sexy underwear

Lost in sex underwear

Recently, I found that my erotic underwear was always gone, but I couldn’t find the culprit.So I started investigating who stole my sexy underwear.The following are some conclusions and ideas I got during the investigation.

Residential safety

I first suspect that residential safety.Did anyone break into my home?So I started family safety inspections.I checked all the locks, windows and outer doors, and replaced the lock.I also bought some security cameras.However, these measures did not solve the problems I encountered.


My second suspect is my roommate.When he was at home, my erotic underwear disappeared.I asked if he stole my underwear, but he denied it.When he was not at home, the situation did not change.So I think this is not what a roommate does.


My third suspect is a cleaner.They come to clean the room every week.I doubt that one of them stole my underwear.I started to observe the cleaners carefully and determined the working hours of each of them.But even though I paid close attention to their actions, I still couldn’t find my underwear.


My fourth suspect is my visitor.I often invite friends to visit my house.Maybe someone of them stole my underwear?Before they arrived, I could hide my underwear as much as possible, but I couldn’t find them to steal my accurate evidence.


I reflected my daily life.Do I leave the underwear in the washing machine when washing my clothes?Did I hide my underwear in an unusual place and then forget it?I started to check my underwear carefully to ensure that I didn’t miss any details.


My pet dog has also become the object of my doubt.Did he steal my underwear or hide it somewhere?I checked the hiding place under my pet bed and his hiding place, but no clues were found.

Seek help

I have some time to ask others for help.I browsed some forums and found that there were many similar incidents, and other women encountered the same problem.Let’s share our experience and find a way to solve this problem.

Change new purchase

My final solution is to buy new sexy underwear.In this way, I don’t have to spend time and energy to find out what caused my erotic underwear to lose.


In short, I finally knew who stole my erotic underwear.This incident made me realize the importance of protecting personal items.When looking for lost things, you must eliminate all possible factors one by one, and remind yourself not to put the item in strange places at any time.If I encounter the same problem, these survey skills will help solve the problem.

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