Who is there a fun underwear model?


Interest underwear is a new fashion of modern women. It can not only enhance women’s self -confidence, but also adjust their mood and make women more sexy and charming.And Mu’s fun underwear is one of the leaders, and its sales have been leading, and there are many well -known models endorsing. Let’s take a look at who these models are.

Lin Zhiling

Lin Zhiling is a well -known model and actor, and has a high popularity and popularity in the Chinese entertainment industry.She has spoke to Pu Mu’s fun underwear. His sexy figure and beautiful temperament have made the brand of Mu Mu more sought after by women.

Liu Shishi

Liu Shishi is a well -known actress in Mainland China. She has endorsed Pu Mu’s Interesting Underwear. Her fresh and refined temperament has made Fei Mu’s sexy lingerie brand younger and fashionable.

Liu Yifei

Liu Yifei is a well -known actress and singer in Mainland China, and one of the spokespersons of Yumu’s sexy underwear.Its sweet image and high -quality acting skills have won the popularity of many people, and as the spokesperson for sex underwear, her image is more sexy and charming.

Yang Mi

Yang Mi can be said to be the big celebrity in the entertainment industry in Mainland China. Not only has the acting career achieved good results, but her personal image has also attracted much attention.And she has endorsed Pu Mu’s fun underwear, and her endorsement effect is very good, so that more people know this brand.

Zhou Xun

Zhou Xun is a well -known actress. Various brands of her endorsement often appear on major TV stations and streets. She has also endorsed Pu Mu’s fun underwear.Essence

Zhao Wei

Zhao Wei is an actress and director in Mainland China. She had attracted much attention in the entertainment industry in her early years, and various brand advertisements she endorsed also achieved good results.At the same time, she is also one of the spokespersons of Mu Mu’s fun underwear. Her unique temperament and charm make people more like this brand.

Li Bingbing

Li Bingbing is another famous actress in Mainland China. She has a unique sexy charm, so that her life is often at the focus of attention.Among the various brand advertisements she has endorsed, Pu Mu’s Interesting Underwear is also one of them. His sexy image and shocking performance have brought more attention and enthusiasm to the brand.

Tang Yan

Tang Yan is a well -known actress. Her image is fresh and refined, and she is beautiful and beautiful, and her endorsement of Shemu’s fun underwear has undoubtedly increased the beauty and charm of the brand.At the same time, she is also a role model for many fashionistas, and her dress has always been sought after by young women.

Gao Yuanyuan

Gao Yuanyuan is a well -known actress in Mainland China. Her image is beautiful, dignified and elegant. Various advertisements that have been endorsed have also been well received.When endorsement, she showed her unique sexy and charm, bringing more attention and enthusiasm to the brand.

Small S

Little S is a famous Taiwanese artist and host, and has a high popularity and reputation in the entertainment industry in Taiwan.She has also endorsed Pu Mu’s fun underwear. Her humorous performance and sexy and charming image have won the attention and love of more people.


The above is the list of spokespersons of Feumu’s fun underwear. These beautiful female spokespersons have made indelible contributions in brand promotion and publicity.These brands are also constantly innovating and progressing, creating better and more comfortable sexy underwear products for more women.

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