Who designed sexy underwear open crotch pants

Funeral underwear open crotch pants design history overview

Interest underwear open crotch pants refers to the design of opening and sewing of sexy underwear in the crotch.This design began in the early 20th century, mainly for the convenience of women to go to the toilet.However, over time and the continuous development of people’s perception of sex, the design of open crotch pants has gradually evolved into a sexy and teasing element, which is widely used in sexy underwear.

The application of open crotch pants in sexy underwear

In sexy underwear, opening crotch pants is a more popular design element, which not only adds a sexy and teasing feeling, but also facilitates the development of sexual life.Open crotch pants can also be matched with accessories such as stockings, high heels, to increase the sensory effect of the overall shape.

Type of open crotch pants

Depending on the design structure, open crotch pants can be divided into three categories: front -open, rear openings, and opening on both sides.The most common design of the front -opening design is the mainstream form in the open crotch pants; the design of the back -open type is relatively rare, which is characterized by more teasing; the opening type on both sides is relatively novel design, which can effectively highlight the bones.Feeling beautiful legs.

Fabric of open crotch pants

The fabrics of the open crotch pants are usually soft, comfortable, and breathable materials. Common materials include silk, lace, cotton, polyester fiber, etc.These materials not only make the body feel comfortable, but also add a sense of sensory experience in touch.

The size selection of open crotch pants

When choosing open crotch pants, you should choose the underwear size that suits you according to your body size.If the size is inappropriate, it may cause discomfort or affect the quality of sex.In addition, due to the special design of open crotch pants, the size can be appropriately enlarged to ensure the comfort of the crotch opening.

Suggestions for the matching of open crotch pants

When pairing with open crotch pants, you can try it to match it with high -heeled shoes, stockings, suspenders and other clothing to improve the attractiveness of the overall shape.In addition, open crotch pants can also be paired with some sexy sex products, such as sexy equipment, SM props, etc. to increase the fun of sexual life.

Maintenance of open crotch pants

As a special design underwear, the maintenance method must also be paid attention to.Generally speaking, it is necessary to avoid the use of bleaching agents, strong acids, strong alkali and other substances.At the same time, when cleaning, a mild detergent should be selected.

Applicable occasions of open crotch pants

Although open crotch pants have sexy and teasing elements, not all occasions are suitable for wearing.It is recommended to wear open crotch pants in a private situation, such as sexual life and role -playing between couples.

The development trend of open crotch pants

As people’s perception of sex is continuously deepened, the design of sexy underwear will also be more diversified and innovative.As an important design element in sexy underwear, it will also have a more diversified development trend.For example, adding richer and unique decorative elements, or combining it with new sex toys.

in conclusion

Open crotch pants are a unique design element in sexy underwear. It has the characteristics of sexy and teasing, and can also facilitate the development of sexual life.When choosing open crotch pants, choose according to conditions, use, occasions and other conditions, and pay attention to the corresponding details during use and maintenance.

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