Which stockings and sexy underwear are good -looking

Which stockings and erotic underwear are good?

1. The development of women’s underwear

The development of women’s underwear has gone through multiple stages, pursuing comfortable functionalized underwear, enhanced the bras of the chest lines, and sexy underwear with stimulating effects.As a representative of the latter, stockings and sexy underwear have always received much attention.

2. Features of stockings

Stockings are long socks that women vertically on the ground, covering the lower body and improving the aesthetics of the legs.Transparent materials can penetrate the skin and ignite the flames on the male forehead.

3. The characteristics of sexy underwear

Interesting underwear is designed, with sexy comfort as the goal. While maintaining basic functions, women look more attractive through various patterns and accessories.

4. Different wear

Stockings and sexy underwear are different.Stockings are just a kind of socks wearing the lower body, with ordinary skirts and pants.And sexy underwear is a whole set of underwear suits, which requires more careful matching, only in more special time and occasions.

5. Different effects on the body

Stockings can cover the imperfect legs of the legs, modify the leg shape and make the skin color more uniform, and visually make people feel the beauty of slenderness and curves.And sexy underwear pays more attention to the curve of the chest lines and the beauty of the hip lines, which can enhance the sexy charm of women.

6. Use in sex life

Sex underwear is one of the important parts of sexual life. Its design and selection can mobilize the emotion in life by enhancing the sexual attraction between men and women.Stockings can also be stimulated in sexual life, but it creates visual aesthetics, not sexy inner strength.

7. The impact on the gas field

Fun underwear has a stronger inner power for women, which can make the entire aura more confident and powerful.Stockings also have similar effects, but they pay more attention to the image beauty and elegance.

8. Application on various occasions

Both stockings and sexy underwear are all costumes that can play their own specialties on different occasions.For women who need formal occasions, stockings can beautify their temperament in the office and party; for occasions that need candlelight dinner and romantic holidays, we can consider more sexy underwear.

9. How to choose a woman

When women choose stockings and sexy underwear, they must first consider their needs and actual situation.If you want to show your temperament in formal occasions, then stockings are undoubtedly a better choice; if you need to mobilize your sexual life atmosphere, sexy underwear is more suitable.

10. Last conclusion

When it looks better in stockings and sexy underwear, pure answers are difficult to give.Because the effect shown in the two needs to be based on different situations and occasions.However, choosing stockings and sexy underwear can play a good role in visual, emotional and sexual life. Therefore, in different situations, choosing the type of underwear suitable for you is the correct choice for each woman.

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