Which one is more than the egg jumping egg and sexy underwear


Two very popular products in the sex market are jumping eggs and sexy underwear.Both products are stimulating tools in sex, making couples more exciting in bed.However, there is no simple answer to ask which one is better, because they have their own unique characteristics and uses.This article will be more jumping and sexy underwear to help you understand their differences and choose a product that suits you.

Material and texture

In terms of material and texture, sexy underwear is more diverse than jumping eggs.Sex underwear can use various materials, such as silk, cotton, lace, etc., allowing you to choose the texture that is suitable for your preference.And jumping eggs are usually made of plastic or silicone, which limits their texture choices.However, jumping eggs is usually smoother than sex underwear, making you more comfortable when using.


Jumping eggs usually have only one function-vibration.However, they can be very strong and accurate, allowing you to stimulate the internal and external regions at the same time.Interesting underwear has more functions, such as different styles, design and other methods of stimulating elements, such as headwear, buttons, chains, and so on.


The comfort of sex underwear is usually higher than jumping eggs.Sex underwear is usually tailored more close and comfortable. Through the correct size of design and selection, you can ensure that it will not slide or not suitable for your body shape.Jumping eggs need to be inserted inside the body, which may cause discomfort and pain to some people.


In terms of stimulation, jumping eggs are usually stronger than sexy underwear.The vibration strength and frequency of jumping eggs can bring stronger comfort and orgasm.Of course, sexy underwear can also provide good stimuli, but relatively speaking, they lack the powerful force of jumping eggs.

easy to carry

Jumping eggs are usually more convenient to carry than sex underwear.The size of the jumping egg is small, you can easily carry it in your pocket and bag, so that you can enjoy sexual stimulation anytime, anywhere.Sex underwear requires more space and more tedious installation.


Interest underwear is suitable for more situations, such as daily wear, parties or joining role -playing.Sex underwear can be used as sexy clothing or cooperate with other clothing.However, jumping eggs are more suitable for use inside the bedroom, usually more privacy and focus.


From a price point of view, sexy underwear and jumping eggs have various options and price segments.However, relatively speaking, the price of sexy underwear is usually more expensive, because in most cases, sexy underwear is more complicated than jumping eggs.


Before using any sex products, security is a very important consideration.It is no exception for jumping eggs and sexy underwear.It is very important to ensure the purchase of well -reputable brands and obey product use instructions.For jumping eggs, you need to pay special attention to cleaning and hygiene, because they need to contact the body.


In summary, jumping eggs and sexy underwear have their own unique characteristics and use.If you pursue stronger stimulus and convenient carry, then jumping eggs may be more suitable for you.If you pay attention to comfort and multi -function, then sexy underwear may be your first choice.In short, which sex supplies are really dependent on personal needs and preferences.

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