Which brands of underwear shops buy sexy underwear

Which brands of underwear shops buy sexy underwear?

As one of the necessary clothes for women, underwear has become one of the elements of fashion.It can not only show the beautiful figure and curve of women, but also an important guarantee for maintaining women’s health and comfort. Therefore, special attention should be paid to when choosing underwear styles, brands and materials.For some special occasions, such as fun, sex, sex, dating, etc., choosing sexy underwear will make women more charm and charming. So, which brand of underwear stores sell sexy underwear?

1. Victoria’s Secret v.S. (Victoria ’s Secret)

V.S is one of the world’s most well -known erotic lingerie brands. It is known for its sexy and curvy beauty. The product line includes sexy underwear, swimsuit, pajamas and other series. In addition to quality guarantee, there are many sales activities.But the price is high, suitable for customers with a certain shopping budget.

2. Anta (Anta)

Anta is a well -known Chinese sports goods manufacturer. It has a high reputation in sports underwear, and its sexy underwear series is also launched very well.Compared with V.S, the quality is similar, the price is more affordable, and the price is higher.

3. Rui Li

The Ruili underwear brand is a younger brand, but it is also one of the top brands in the domestic sexy underwear market. It focuses on sexy, fashionable and simple style, mainly playing the market with young women.The price is more affordable than both V.S and Anta, but the quality is slightly discounted.

4. Ladiesecret

Ledu -cho is one of the well -known Chinese underwear brands. Its fun underwear series also has very high cost performance. It is not only good quality, but also novel and diverse in style.Especially suitable for those who pay attention to cost -effectiveness.

5. Aimer (Aimer)

Underwear poems are one of the earliest underwear brands in China. Their sex underwear series pursues women’s independence, freedom and personality. The quality of quality pays more attention to the polishing and comfortable use of details.The positioning is relatively high -end. It belongs to the niche underwear brand. The price range is relatively large, but the quality of the underwear is quite good.

6.CK (Calvin Klein)

CK has won the majority of international youth markets with simple, comfortable, high -quality, and minimalist style. Its fun underwear series is as simple as ever as ever, and it is more practical.A place.


As a domestic brand that has successfully transformed in China, Paula has unlimited creative design and environmental protection and healthy selection of materials that make their sexy underwear have a high cost performance.Suitable for people who customize and make customs.

8. Elizabeth Mante

Elizabeth Mengtai is a well -known domestic sexy underwear brand, mainly facing mid -to -high -end people.The quality is quite good, the material is comfortable and the design is delicate.

9. Mypiece

Miyin is a sexy underwear brand that pays attention to quality, design and purity.Sexy, retro, charm, elegant, tempting, purity, bringing super power, but the price is high.

10. Kelan (Kelan)

Kelan is a relatively high -end brand. His sexy underwear is not only diverse, exquisite and moderate.And good quality and good comfort.Kelan’s sexy underwear series is more luxurious and atmospheric, suitable for women who pay attention to taste and humble.

For the problem of choosing sexy underwear brands and buying shops, the main considerations are quality, price, style, and incarnation needs, so they can be selected according to their own needs and budgets.In short, the underwear brands that follow the fun route are now very much. The key is to choose the suitable quality, price and style of your own.

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