Whether you have sex for your birthday for your birthday, okay?

1. cause

Giving gifts for birthdays is a warm thing, but choosing gifts is a difficult problem, especially for the birthday gifts between couples, and they need to think carefully.Have you considered sending a sexy underwear as a birthday gift?What is this idea?Is it worth a try?

2. Select it with caution

To give special gifts such as sex underwear, you need to confirm that the object is willing to accept such a gift, understand the other party’s view of sex, and whether you are mentally prepared to accept this gift.If the object is more open to nature, the creativity of sending interest underwear is very good.

3. Warm and romantic

One of the reasons for sexy underwear as a birthday gift is that they are a relatively private thing and are exclusive products between couples.So such a gift has a more warm and romantic atmosphere.

4. Can enhance the interaction and dependence of both parties

Sending love underwear can enhance the interaction and dependence between couples.Because such gifts are required to coordinate in terms of dressing, and they need to understand the body and taste of the other party. In this case, they will understand more and dependent relationships.

5. Tell the other party the differences and commonality between you

Everyone’s aesthetics and personality are different, so everyone’s choice of sexy underwear is different.Sending sex underwear can tell the other party how much you know about him, and you can also let the other party understand your differences and commonality.

6. Risk to be aware

However, as a special gift, sexy underwear is also risky.If the other party does not want such a gift, you will cause embarrassment and neglect, so you must confirm whether the other party is willing to receive this gift.

7. Pay attention to the size and style

If the other party is willing to accept, what you need to consider is the choice of size and style.Select the size according to the body of the other party, and the style needs to be selected according to the personality and aesthetics of the other party.This needs to be purchased carefully, so don’t let your own intention give it a gift that makes the other party embarrassed.

8. Be careful to the object of the new relationship

If your relationship is not very stable, sending sexy underwear may make the other party feel stressful and uncomfortable.Therefore, if the relationship is not stable, you can think about other gift options appropriately.

9. Don’t take interest underwear as the unique gift

Don’t treat sex underwear as the only gift.Interest underwear is a very special gift. If you only give this, it will look a little inappropriate.You can choose and sexy underwear with other gifts, such as flowers or chocolates to increase diversity and surprise.

10. Overall, depending on the situation

In summary, whether to give love underwear as a birthday gift should be determined according to the specific situation.If your target accepts such a gift, sending sexy underwear is a very warm and creative gift.But you must pay attention to the acceptance of the object and your choice.

Only in the correct situation and carefully selected can this gift achieve the best effect, becoming a strong love token between you.

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