Where to put in sex underwear after washing

Sexy underwear is a sensitive clothing, and it is necessary to take care of maintenance and cleaning.The treatment after cleaning also needs to pay attention to the appropriate location and method to ensure the beauty of the underwear and the cleanliness of the internal and external parts.Let me share some small suggestions where the sexy lingerie is washed.

1. Dry in a ventilated and dry place

After cleaning the erotic underwear, it needs to be fully dried. At this time, it should be hung in a good ventilation place, such as a balcony or indoor ventilation place.Avoid direct sunlight, prevent fading, and avoid contact with humid items to avoid bacterial infections.

2. Put in the desiccant

When the environmental humidity is high, in addition to drying it in time, the underwear can also be placed in the desiccant to ensure the cleaning and dryness of the clothes.

3. Put it in a underwear box or a storage box

The benefits of underwear storage are self -evident, which not only helps to save the shape of the underwear, but also allows the underwear to be invaded by dust and bacteria.When choosing a underwear box or a storage box, it is best to buy the material with good breathability to avoid increasing the humidity of the underwear.

4. Stay away from strong light and electrical appliances

When storing underwear, you need to avoid sunlight, and you should try to avoid exposed to strong light or near the electrical appliances, so as not to be destroyed by underwear.

5. Put in the wardrobe neatly

When storing underwear, it is best to pay attention to the overall layout of the wardrobe. The size and material of the underwear need to have corresponding partitions to avoid cross -stacker and error placement.At the same time, you can also use tools such as racks and partitions in the wardrobe to facilitate better organization.

6. Don’t squeeze together

When the underwear is stored, do not squeeze multiple underwear together, with overlapping blocks or corners to avoid excessive squeezing and damage the shape of the underwear.

7. Do not close to the oxidant

There are some home cleaning agents or laundry liquids contain oxidants. These chemical agents will cause damage to underwear and need to avoid contact.It is best to avoid the areas where nearby items are placed nearby when storing underwear.

8. Follow the cleaning instructions on the underwear label

The cleaning method of erotic underwear may vary from the difference between the material and the fabric. Therefore, it is necessary to follow the cleaning instructions on the underwear label when cleaning.There are cleaning methods, contraindications, and drying reminders on the label. Be sure to read it carefully and follow the instructions.

In short, after the erotic underwear is cleaned, we need to do a good job of storage of underwear, and choose the appropriate storage location and method to ensure that underwear is maintained in a clean and dry state. It is also a kind of carefulness to our health and wearing.Care.

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