Where to find Taobao sex underwear model


As a very tempting clothing, sexy underwear often needs models to display in sales.However, as a niche field, where to find sex underwear models is a problem.This article will introduce you to finding ways and precautions for sexy underwear models.

Online channel

At present, Taobao, as one of the largest domestic e -commerce platforms, is an important way to find sexy underwear models.On Taobao, you can find related shops and sellers in the search box by entering the keywords "sexy underwear model", "sexy underwear model", "European and American underwear models", etc.These shops or sellers often indicate whether they provide sexy underwear model services in product details.


In addition to searching online, you can also find sexy underwear models by offline.For example, in your city, you can publish recruitment information through special industry recruitment websites (such as hunting and recruitment, BOSS direct employment, etc.) or public platforms (such as WeChat public account, Douyin, etc.) to find appropriate models.

Model characteristics

When looking for sexy underwear models, in addition to the above channels, you should also pay attention to formulating some corresponding precautions to find suitable models.First of all, the figure of the model should meet the needs. The height ratio is well -proportioned, the body is beautiful, the exquisite features, and the noble temperament. This is the most important.Secondly, the personal expression ability in the shooting, the self -confidence of the product, and affinity and charm should reach a certain degree.

Price and shooting requirements

For the price of sexy underwear models, generally vary according to the requirements of the model and the company’s needs.In terms of price determination, it can to a certain extent based on the model’s salary standards, such as 100 yuan to 500 yuan per hour, 1,000 yuan to 8,000 yuan per day, and so on.Regarding the actual shooting, it is necessary to communicate the time, place, clothing and other matters in advance to ensure the smooth progress of the shooting.

Model service process

After choosing a good -looking underwear model, you need to communicate with it and confirm some details.First of all, you need to determine the shooting time, place, clothing, etc., and provide necessary training and guidance before shooting.When shooting, pay attention to providing sufficient water and diet to the model to ensure the best state of shooting performance

Help professionals

If you want to shoot high -quality sexy underwear advertisements, then you can choose to find professional photographers/cameramen, makeup artists/recording artists, and other professionals to ensure high shooting quality and leave profound customers for customers.Advertising.

Rights and contracts

Before hiring sexy underwear models as your corporate image spokesperson, a formal employment agreement should be signed to ensure that the legal and security guarantee is available.The agreement is required to include confidentiality terms and other content to ensure that the interests of the enterprise are fully guaranteed.

Advertising effect assessment

After the service of sexy underwear models is over, the advertising effect needs to be evaluated and feeded.To ensure that the effect of advertising meets expectations, optimize advertising work, increase customer trust, and reduce customer marketing costs.


When looking for sexy underwear models, the most important thing is to find models that meet the requirements, and then cooperate with you and your team to ensure the smooth and effective realization of the shooting.The above is some suggestions and methods I provided you to find sexy underwear models.Good luck!


It is important to choose a suitable sexy underwear model. Her physical condition and temperament will significantly affect the effect of advertising.In addition to choosing the right model, it also needs to collaborate with it and determine some key details.Only when these issues are properly handled, I believe your advertisement will get the best publicity effect.

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