Where to expose the dormitory erotic underwear

Where to expose the dormitory erotic underwear

For women, having a set of sexy sexy underwear is one of the essential products to increase self -confidence, regulate emotions, and enhance charm.However, for female college students living in the dormitory, how to expose sex underwear is a headache.Below, let’s discuss where to expose the dormitory sexy underwear.

1. There is a separate dry balcony, you can choose to expose here

If the dormitory you live in a separate dry balcony, then it is undoubtedly one of the best places.Taking clothes here will not affect the drying of the room, but also make full use of the sun to help the clothes dry quickly.Of course, in order to prevent others from peeping, it is best to use a closed hanger when you are drying clothes.

2. Above the water heater, use the remaining heat to dry the underwear

In the dormitory, we all have water heaters. The above space of the water heater is usually relatively spacious. It is a good choice to use this space for underwear to dry.The environment here is relatively warm, and the water heater will generate heat during operation, which can make clothes dry faster.

3. Use the space to dry the underwear under the space

Under the bed is often a relatively empty space. We can use this space to hang the underwear on the cabinet to dry.Pay attention to the clothes and the ground to keep a certain distance to avoid staining clothes.

4. Use a special underwear to dry the bag

There are special underwear drying bags on the market. Generally, you can buy it at home daily necessities.Put the underwear in a drying bag, and then hang the bag in a dry place in the room. The cool wind and dry indoor environment can well maintain underwear.

5. Do not dry in public areas

Although the public areas of the dormitory are spacious, in order to avoid embarrassment and discomfort to others, we should not dry the sexy underwear here.

6. Cannot be exposed on the balcony or the exterior wall

It is a common practice to dry clothes on the dormitory balcony, but it is not a good choice for sexy underwear.First of all, this will make you embarrassed; second, the environment on the balcony is unstable and the risk of invaders is relatively high.

7. Avoid using a dryer

Although the dryer can quickly dry the clothes, it is not applicable for special clothes such as sexy underwear.Long -term drying will not only destroy the quality of the clothing, but also easily make the elasticity of the clothes worse, and even deformed.

8. Avoid using twisting dryers

The design of the torsional dried dried device is to dry the clothes through high -speed rotation. Although the speed is fast, for sexy underwear, the drying time will damage the fiber of the clothing, causing the clothes to lose cultivation and beauty.

9. Use pure cotton texture underwear

Cotton underwear is very fast, and it is easier to clean, and it will not affect the beauty and quality of underwear.Therefore, we should choose a pure cotton underwear when shopping, so that we can make us better dry.

10. Conclusion

For the drying of sexy underwear, we need to pay attention to protecting our privacy, and do not dry at will when it is unfavorable to others.In addition, we can also choose to buy some professional equipment such as drying racks or drying bags to help us better and more conveniently deal with the drying problem of sexy underwear.

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