Where is the sexy underwear thrown?

The storage of sexy underwear being ignored

For women who have already purchased and passing through sexy underwear, maybe they have not considered how to store these sexy underwear.In other words, they think of sexy underwear as ordinary clothes and throw them on bed, chair, and even on the ground.This approach not only makes it difficult to maintain the uniqueness and high -quality texture of sexy underwear, but also may cause damage and deformation to it.Here are some good ways to store fun underwear.

hang up

The cute bow and lace mesh eye on sexy underwear may be squeezed or friction, causing damage.Therefore, it is the best choice to hang sex underwear in the storage space of clothing, hooks, and wardrobe.In this way, you can not only avoid friction, but also make full use of wardrobe space to make the underwear reasonable and neat.

Category storage

If you have a lot of sexy underwear, it is recommended to classify and store it, such as classification according to style, color, size, etc.This can not only find the need for underwear more conveniently, but also avoid folds, wear or deformation caused by different types of underwear.

Using invite pockets

Underwear bags are a small bag designed for storage underwear. They can protect all parts of the underwear and can be easily put in the washing machine.We recommend that you prepare a few more involved bags when buying, and it will become more convenient when finishing the storage.

Avoid stacking

Putting underwear can cause deformation, folds, and deformation of clothes.Therefore, we don’t recommend folding sexy underwear into half or stacking them together.

Place in drawers

If you do n’t have enough clothing racks or wardrobes, or if you think that sexy underwear is too personal or confidential, it is also a good choice to stack the underwear neatly in the drawer.When placing, you can also prepare special underwear storage boxes or containers for them to avoid the problem of overlapping deformation.

Pay attention to the storage environment

Some details and fabrics of sexy underwear are more sensitive to the environmental temperature and humidity.Therefore, when choosing a storage location, you need to pay attention to the environment of ventilation and dryness, which can keep the underwear in the original texture, shape and color.

Wash and replace in time

Because most of the sexy underwear is made of lace, velvet, mesh and other materials, it is very important to clean and replace it in time after passing.This can avoid sweat and odor invasion, and also ensure that your sexy underwear remains good.

Buy a few more sets of underwear

In the end, we recommend that women buy a few more sexy lingerie in order to take turns to wear and store to avoid the quality decline brought about by repeated wear and storage of the same underwear for a long time.You can find a variety of novel and sexy underwear styles in this sexy underwear store in Nanjing West Road. Each is carefully designed by a professional designer. The purpose is to make you feel comfortable, confident and sexy.


The storage problem of sexy underwear needs to be valued. Good storage methods can not only protect the beauty and service life of the underwear, but also make wearing more comfortable and elegant.I hope this article will help and inspire your sexy underwear storage.

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