Where can I have fun underwear in Qipu Road, Shanghai

Where can I have fun underwear in Qipu Road, Shanghai

Qipu Road is the most well -known clothing wholesale market in Shanghai, and it is also a distribution center for sex underwear.If you want to buy sexy underwear, then Qipu Road is undoubtedly a good choice.But in the entire Qipu Road area, which stores are selling sexy underwear?This article will take you one by one.

1. Fuxing distribution market

The Fuxing Market is located at the intersection of Qipu Road and Zhonghua Road. It is one of the most famous wholesale markets in Shanghai.Here are a large number of export manufacturers and wholesalers, selling various international and advanced sexy underwear.The price is relatively cheaper, and it is a good choice for economic affordability.

2. Zhonghua New Road Building

Zhonghua New Road Building is a large commercial building with rich shopping resources, and is also a representative place for sexy underwear.Internal merchants are more standardized than other shopping malls, complete products, and prices are relatively reasonable.

3. Fashion Women’s Life Square

Fashion Women’s Life Square is located at the intersection of Hanzhong Road and Tibet Road. It is a new shopping center on Qipu Road.The number of sexy underwear shops here is relatively small, but the brand is more complete and the styles are diverse.The shop decoration is very delicate, creating a very pleasant shopping experience for consumers.

4. Fashion Plaza

Fashion Plaza is located in the middle of Qipu Road. It is a shopping mall that runs sexy underwear.The quality of the products here is high, the sense of fashion and sexy is very high, and it is suitable for young people who pursue high -quality life.At the same time, the underwear here also covers a variety of product categories such as adult products, cosmetics, which can meet a variety of consumer needs.

5. Madang Road Small Commodity Market

The small commodity market in Madang Road is one of the famous markets in Qipu Road. It is a shopping mall that runs various small products and sexy underwear.There are many types of products here, and the prices are also very affordable.Compared to other shopping malls, here pay more attention to selling various low -cost daily necessities.

6. Xuanhua Market

Xuanhua Market is a market that specializes in selling various high -quality products for domestic and foreign merchants. It is also the Shanghai Exhibition Center.The market area exceeds 10,000 square meters, the number of internal merchants is large, and there are more interesting underwear for sales discounts.Compared with other shopping malls, there are unique specialty products here, which has attracted many consumers to shop.

7. Huadong Fish Market

Huading Fish Bead Market is the most novel collection market on Qipu Road, selling all kinds of fish beads and beads.Inside the market also has sexy underwear for consumers to choose from.Here, you can choose various DIY accessories to experience unique jewelry production challenges.

8. China Silk City

China Silk City is a well -known commercial complex on Qipu Road. The quality of clothing operate here is high and has a lot of characteristics, which can meet the diversified needs of consumers.Different from other shopping malls, the sexy underwear operated by China Silk City is mostly practical, and the price is medium.However, some products here are more suitable for people above the middle age.


In short, there are a lot of sexy underwear on Shanghai Qipu Road. Such a diversified consumer environment provides more choices for consumers’ shopping needs.However, no matter which shopping place consumers choose, they should choose according to their actual needs, and also pay attention to the balance of product quality and price.

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