Where can I buy sexy jackets in the city


With the continuous progress of society and the change of people’s ideas, sexy underwear has gradually become part of modern people’s lives.However, for those who tried sexy underwear for the first time, facing a variety of products, where to buy satisfactory sexy underwear has become a problem.This article will introduce some good places to buying sexy underwear in Beijing.

Online purchase

Modern people are more and more like to buy online, which saves time and convenient.At present, there are a lot of sexy lingerie sources on e -commerce platforms such as Taobao, Tmall, and JD.com, from price to quality.At the same time, buying online has a more conspicuous classification directory, which is convenient for the first buyers to quickly find the fun underwear style they need.However, you also need to pay attention to the credibility of the merchant, and try to choose a shop with a good evaluation of consumers.

Adult shop

Adult products shop is also a good way to buy.Different from online purchase, adult products shop allows people to more intuitive information about the style, material, color and other information of the affectionate underwear.The tide people in Beijing can be described as a well -known adult products store. Not only are there a variety of sexy underwear, the professionalism of the clerk is also very praised. They will provide first -class services and suggestions.

Special shops in the mall

There are also sexy underwear special stores in some shopping malls, usually they are located slightly far from mainstream brands.However, the sales direction of these shops is completely different from the mainstream brands. The products not only have more types and styles, but also more reasonable prices.However, some brands may not be suitable for daily wear. Most of them are more suitable for traveling, partying, playing, etc.

Underground street market

There are many underground street markets in old Beijing, and these places can also find some sexy underwear that cannot be seen elsewhere.Although most of these markets are selling cheap sexy underwear, they need to pay attention to their hidden safety hazards when choosing.The risks and income of choosing this method must be weighed by yourself.

Doll face value

There are also many erotic lingerie in the doll value market hidden in Beijing.These sexy underwear stores with small -area stores not only have the characteristics of full brand and low price, but also can customize exclusive sexy underwear according to personal needs.

Sexy underwear rental

If you need sexy underwear temporarily, you can choose to lease sexy underwear.There are more and more leasing platforms in Beijing, and the sexy underwear of various styles is also available.For example, you can choose some well -known erotic underwear rental brands such as Women’s Art Life Museum and Xuexue Studio.

Classic Net Red Store

For some people who pay attention to the image of sexy underwear, buying in a classic online red shop is also a good choice.After all, classics are classics, and the style has been confirmed by people.These online red shops include online stores, such as Beloved_ever, Qianyue_lingerie, RESH_ 恬 香, etc., as well as physical stores, such as Silk-VA, Xianxianji, etc.

Double -layer capsule automatic vending machine

In recent years, the more popular capsule -type automatic vending machines have also entered the sales field of sexy underwear.Just as the snack automatic vending machine, this vending machine can be placed in convenience stores, shopping malls and other places to facilitate Volkswagen to buy sexy underwear quickly.The relative merger of the purchase process is not so privacy.

Other channels

In addition, there are many channels for buying sexy underwear, such as some sex parties, sales meetings, etc., people can also buy some special sexy lingerie styles here.You can also do it by yourself, combine multiple favorite elements, and design your satisfaction underwear.


There are many good places for buying sexy underwear in Beijing. Whether it is online or physical stores, you need to pay attention to the quality of the product. Don’t be greedy for cheap and choose bad merchants.The most important thing is that a self -confidence and tolerance attitude is the most important rule of wearing sexy underwear.

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