What to wear outside the sexy underwear

What to wear outside the sexy underwear


As a sexy clothing, sexy underwear can bring you a variety of different feelings.However, many female friends are confused about what to wear on the outside of sex.In this article, we will explore how to match erotic underwear.

Text 1: Match with jeans

If you want a casual feeling, then you can match the sexy underwear and jeans.Jeans are a classic clothing that is suitable for any occasion.When you pair with jeans and sexy underwear, you can choose a loose top or sweater.This combination will make you look sexy and casual.

Text 2: Match with a sloping sweater

If you want to feel more comfortable and casual, then you can choose a slogan to match with sexy underwear.Big sweater will make you feel warm and comfortable, and also suitable for wearing at home.When you wear sexy underwear at home and need comfort, it is a good choice with a sloping sweater.

Text 3: Match with a dress

If you want an elegant feeling, then you can choose a beautiful dress to match with sexy underwear.This combination will make you look sexy and elegant.You can choose a slightly transparent sexy underwear to match a long skirt, which will make you look more tempting.

Text 4: Match with shorts

If you want a relaxed feeling, then you can choose a pair of shorts to match with erotic underwear.This combination will make you look young and lively.You can choose an off -the -shoulder erotic underwear to match a pair of hot pants, which will make your figure look more attractive.

Text 5: Match with a coat

If you want to wear sexy underwear in cold weather, you can choose a coat to match.Can be paired with a coat or coat to increase the mystery of sexy underwear.

Text 6: Pay attention to the issue when matching

When mating with sexy underwear, you must choose the right color, style and size.Different colors will bring you different feelings. Sexy black, red and purple are more common choices.In addition, pay attention to whether the style and size of the sexy underwear are suitable for your body, otherwise you will lose your beauty.

Text 7: Don’t expose too much

When wearing sexy underwear, don’t expose your body too much.Sometimes it is too exposed to make people feel tacky.Therefore, you must pay attention to the extent when choosing a sexy underwear to show your beautiful curve rather than excessively exposure.

Text 8: Consider occasion and atmosphere

When choosing a sexy underwear, you must consider the occasion and atmosphere.The characters in the love apartment can be strolled in the apartment wearing sexy underwear, but in real life, sexy underwear is not suitable for all occasions. You should choose an occasion that suits you, not too public.

Text 9: Confidence is the most beautiful dress

The most important thing is that no matter what you wear with erotic underwear, you must maintain confidence.Only self -confidence can the sexy underwear be beautiful and sexy.Therefore, when wearing fun underwear, we must maintain confidence and show the most beautiful self.


When matched with sexy underwear, choose clothes according to your body, gas field, occasion, atmosphere, and self -confidence. Only when these areas are balanced can we wear the best results.When wearing sexy underwear, you must maintain confidence and show the most beautiful self.

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