What to search for sexy underwear on Taobao

What to search for sexy underwear?

Searching for sexy underwear on Taobao, you may get all kinds of results.How to search to find satisfactory sexy underwear?This article will provide you with a few keywords and meanings to help you find the underwear you need.

Keywords 1: Beauty sexy underwear

Beauty erotic underwear is a type of sexy and beautiful sexy underwear that is designed more than sexy and beautiful. It usually uses high -grade and exquisite lace and yarn nets to emphasize the mystery and sexy of women’s royal husbands, similar to the iconic three -point style, but the design is more exposed to dewBack, exposed milk, and bottom pants are more sexy.

Keywords 2: Sexuality Fun underwear

Sexual emotional and erotic lingerie design is similar to beautiful sexy underwear, but it has a sexy and charming. The cutting is more prominent and the sexy curve is more prominent, and the color is richer, such as dark red, wine red, bright red, etc.Suitable for female friends who want to show sexy female charm.

Keywords three: adult erotic underwear

Adult sexy underwear is an underwear chosen by older women. It breaks traditional underwear music and pays more attention to the touch, workmanship and comfort.Emphasize sexy details such as "through", "thin" and "soft".

Keywords 4: European and beautiful underwear

European and American sexy underwear is a sexy underwear based on European and American sexy culture as the bottom board. The design pays more attention to fashion, peculiar and design sense. It is relatively open and more open -minded, and the price is higher.

Keywords five: lace sexy underwear

The lace sexy underwear is mainly sweet and elegant. In the choice, it will pay more attention to the soft, soft lace and yarn nets, and the color is often mainly taboo.Can show elegant and sweet side, more suitable for girls with elegant temperament.

Keywords 6: mesh sex underwear

In the mesh sexy underwear, the focus of sexy and transparency is highlighted. The characteristics of materials are used to design more mesh with see -through -effect effects, emphasizing transparency and sexy, suitable for women who want to highlight sexy charm.

Keywords seven: kimono sexy underwear

Commonwealth and sexy underwear is a sexy underwear of Chinese design elements. It is characterized by designing some traditional Chinese clothing elements during design, such as Chinese knots and bow.With the changes in the atmosphere of public opinion in the environment, more and more people are recognized and spread.

Keywords eight: fluorescent sex underwear

With the prevalence of fluorescent culture in recent years, fluorescent sex underwear has become the choice of many sexy women.Its design is even more bold and innovative, and it is a product that combines sexy and fashion elements.

Keyword nine: uniform sex lingerie

Uniform sex underwear comes from some daily professional clothes in Japan. For example, various doctors, nurse, stewardess, maid and other professional uniforms are different from traditional sexy underwear. In addition to being sexy and beautiful, there is a virtual and deduction.It can bring visual and fantasy enjoyment.

Keywords ten: small fresh sex lingerie

Little fresh erotic underwear is a special type of sexy underwear.It also emphasizes natural and pleasant sense. Most of the selection of materials use natural cotton, gauze, etc., and the color is mainly bright and comfortable.It is especially suitable for women with too large breasts and flesh.

The above is a common type of sexy underwear, different sexy underwear styles, suitable for different occasions and crowds.Of course, the posture and ability to wear underwear are also very important. Don’t lose health and comfort for the style. Besides, self -confidence is the most charming existence.

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