What should I put in sex underwear?

What should I put in sex underwear?

Interest underwear is a clothing designed specifically for enhancing sexual charm.If you wear it properly and with a suitable posture and movement, the degree of sexy can not be inferior to any other models of sexy clothing.So, what should I do if wearing sexy underwear?Let me explain it for you.


If you are a girl who likes ballet or modern dance, then you will definitely be more eye -catching when you wear sexy underwear.Don’t be shy, try some ballet or modern dance steps and movements!Their soft and beautiful feelings make your sexy underwear play a higher sexy.

Look upright

Whether wearing or taking sexy underwear, you should pay attention to your posture.Imagine that you are very excited when wearing sexy underwear to participate in high -standard parties or display.At this time, not only should you smile, but you also have to look up and stand on your head.

Fast limbs

When you choose sexy sexy underwear, you can try the rapid physical movements.For example, our most common posture, a sword of the lights, or suddenly twisted, and then patted our shoulders.This fast and unique movement can not only increase attractiveness, but also increase the dynamic sense of taking pictures.

Correct sitting position

Whether wearing or attending a party in your own home, to some extent, sitting posture is more important than standing posture.When you sit down in sexy underwear, you must sit in the right place.You can use a highly elastic cushion to flatten your hips and legs to feel the additional sexy brought by other clothing, and also fully show the beauty of personal curve.

Turn around slowly

Whether you are wearing a fun underwear or in a game or performance, slow turning slowly is an important part.It allows your erotic underwear to feel the beauty of fluctuations when watching as many viewers as possible.At the same time, turning slowly can also make you elegant, not to appear distorted or unconfident.

Reasonable display

Compared with his sexy underwear, many sexy sexy underwear will highlight different parts.For example, if you want to show the best chest type, after the design of the chest is buckled, you can surround your arms around your chest.

Stand naturally

When wearing sexy underwear in your own home, do not overdress (wear too many layers of clothes), wear thin and elegant, and do not walk too much about your elegant movements.Standing naturally, showing a personal beautiful curve is the method that can perfectly display sexy underwear.

Appropriate accessories

If you want to show a more perfect effect, in addition to choosing and cooperating with bra, underwear, lace stockings, and high heels, you can also use some accessories or accessories.Such as shiny necklaces, bracelets, earrings.These accessories can add curves and curves to the body, showing fashionable and unique charm.

Choose the background and scene

In addition to wearing positions and actions, it is also important to choose the right background and scene.For example, when wearing sexy underwear outdoors, you can choose the forest trail surrounded by flowers and plants; in the room, you can shoot under high -efficiency and enthusiastic light, so that the sexy underwear shows a higher sexy and beautiful curve.

in conclusion

What should I do if we wear sexy underwear?In short, choosing the right posture and actions with the right posture and action, choosing the right background and scene can show a higher sexy and beautiful and unique curve.As long as you are confident and bold, your sexy charm will increase infinitely!

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