What position should we wear in sex underwear

What position should we wear in sex underwear

Interest underwear is a underwear designed to enhance personal charm and sexual attractiveness.If you choose and wear correctly, sexy underwear can make women more confident and sexy.However, after choosing a sexy underwear, what posture can we show the charm of the underwear?Let’s take a look at it.

Throw off the tights with high heels with high heels

Do not choose tights when wearing pants.Choose the pants that make your legs look longer and thinner. With a pair of high heels, you can make your legs look more slender. The elegant posture also increases fashion, making you more confident after wearing sexy underwear.

Show the soft neck

When you put on a sexy underwear, don’t forget to show the soft neck lines.Like an elegant woman, your neck is more slender.You can try to bundle your hair, or wear a V -neck top underneath to show the soft neck lines.

Proficient in walking posture

When you walk in sexy underwear, it is recommended to use a soft step to give people a sense of elegance.You can follow the back to the ground and excessively excessive your forefoot. This is soft, and the beautiful uniform rhythm can convey your beautiful long legs and hips.

Master a balanced standing posture

When wearing high -heeled shoes or thick -heeled sexy underwear, tend to make your body lose balance, so you need to learn to master the balanced position.It is recommended to stand on the forefoot of one foot, and the other feet are slightly lower. You can practice the balance ability through the exercise car.

Choose the difficulty of difficulty

When you put your posture, don’t choose a posture with too difficult it.Choose your own comfortable and attractive posture, such as a semi -lounge chair.This posture allows you to show the charm of sexy underwear more relaxed, rather than constantly adjusting and unconfident expression.

Show beautiful arm lines

When you are wearing a sexy underwear, not only your body lines are beautiful, but the lines of your arms show highlights.Among women, there are many beautiful arm lines, which can practice strong arm lines through training and other training.

Learn to smile

If you want to show the charm of sexy underwear, don’t forget to smile.When you wear a sexy underwear, smile is an essential element.Even if you are not confident, you will find that your smile is real and attractive when you smile at the camera.

Pay attention to your breath

After wearing a sexy underwear, the breath of women is very important.It is recommended to breathe stable, low -speed and deep breathing can help create a romantic and relaxed atmosphere.At the same time, you can add spices to gum in time to make the breath more attractive.


Wearing erotic underwear is a way to make women more confident and sexy. However, when pose, we need to pay attention to choose a posture that suits you.As long as you have the right attitude and pace and show the natural and wonderful charm of sexy underwear, you can make you sexy and confident women.

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