What should I do if I sell a lot of people’s sexy underwear

1. Explore the cause

A lot of people have fun underwear. The first time we have to do to analyze why they sell so much.Think from the following aspects:

Is the advertising promotional intensity increased?

Whether the preferential policy has been used in the promotional activity to attract consumers

Whether the accurate market positioning is proper

2. Understand consumer needs

Selling a lot of people’s fun underwear indicates that the market has demand for your products.So, do you need to understand what consumers’ needs for people’s sexy underwear?The following ways can be carried out: the following ways:

Open questionnaires on social media, collect consumers’ needs and opinions

Use the online questionnaire tool to organize a targeted investigation

Participate in offline activities in the same industry to understand the preferences of consumers

3. Re -review the quality of the supplier’s product

Due to the increase in orders and increased production pressure in suppliers, it may be slightly relaxed in quality.Therefore, the quality of the supplier needs to be re -reviewed.The following aspects need to be paid attention to:

Whether product material requirements are consistent with standards

Whether each product meets the specifications

Detecting the unqualified rate exceeding the industry average level

4. Improve operational efficiency

Due to the increase in orders, we need to consider how to improve operating efficiency.The following aspects can be optimized:

Increase people and speed up order processing speed

Introduce the electronic system and optimize the order process

5. Optimize customer service services

Selling many people’s sexy underwear, customer service services will increase accordingly.Therefore, we need to optimize customer service services.The following aspects can be optimized:

Strengthen customer service training and improve service capabilities

Expand the size of the customer service team to meet customer needs

Introduce the intelligent customer service system to provide more efficient and convenient services

6. Increase popularity

Selling a lot of people’s fun underwear shows that your product is very popular, so it is necessary to increase the exposure of the brand.You can start from the following two aspects:

Use online marketing methods, such as social media, Weibo, WeChat and other platforms to promote

Use offline marketing methods, such as promoting activities, sponsorship of other activities, etc.

7. Master the fashion trend

Human sex lingerie is a fashionable product, and it is necessary to keep up with the times.To understand the latest fashion trends, market positioning and design can be carried out according to different ages and different consumer groups:

Pay attention to fashion magazines, brand social accounts, fashion blogs

Participate in fashion exhibitions and communicate with leaders in the industry

Organize internal discussion, share market data and consumer feedback

8. Optimize shopping experience

As a online store that seller sexy underwear, we need to think about how to provide consumers with a better shopping experience.The following aspects can be optimized:

Optimize the website interface and interaction, provide an intuitive and concise shopping environment

Increase the trust mechanism and increase the credibility of the product

Optimize logistics distribution and improve delivery efficiency

9. Control inventory

Although the number of orders increases, inventory management also needs to pay more attention to avoid too much inventory backlog.The following are several aspects of inventory management:

Refer to historical sales data, master market demand

Reasonably formulate procurement plans and inventory control strategies

Clean up the inventory regularly and deal with the slow -selling products in a timely manner

10. Viewpoint

Selling many people’s erotic underwear indicates that there is a huge demand in the market.We need to continuously adjust ourselves, optimize internal management, keep grasping market conditions, and make people’s sexy underwear into products with quality and style in the minds of consumers.

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