What should I do if I have used sexy underwear

What should I do if I have used sexy underwear


The newly purchased sexy underwear on the market often makes people love it and feel fresh.But when it is used, we have to find a processing method due to sanitary reasons or seasons.Below, I will introduce some processing methods.


Before dealing with the sexy underwear we used, we need to divide the other categories to see if different processing methods need to be performed.

Three treatment methods

Under normal circumstances, we can be divided into three methods: cleaning, donation, and discarding.Next, we will explain the cleaning, donations, and discarding one by one for your reference.


For some washed underwear, you can use appropriate detergent for cleaning.Note that you must use a mild detergent and clean it in the steps of the clothes instructions to ensure the quality of the underwear.


If the underwear is still very novel and has not been used (for example, there are tags), you can consider donating underwear to the person you need, such as a charity or rescue station.However, before the donation, you need to ensure the quality and cleanliness of the underwear, and based on this to determine the donation.

throw away

If the underwear cannot be used as a donation item, or it is already very old, or even some wear or stains, then you need to discard it.It is recommended to put underwear in a plastic bag and then put it in the trash can. At the same time, you need to ensure that the underwear is packaged to prevent others from polluting others.

Professional treatment

If you are not sure how to deal with underwear, you can hand over it to a professional washing store or recycling store for processing.However, this professional treatment requires a lot of fees and cannot guarantee the effect of underwear.

Environmental protection reuse

If you are interested in environmental protection, you can also use some merchants with a circular utilization system.These shops will make your underwear regenerate. By reorganization, you can eliminate some harmful substances to spiritual and physical health.

Good habit

The best way is to avoid discarding underwear as much as possible.Therefore, it is recommended that you consider and try to buy well -quality underwear before buying to make your use effect more lasting.


The above are several ways to solve the problem of underwear treatment.However, you need to be clear whether you do donations, cleaning or discarding, and you need to judge according to the specific circumstances.


As an expert who is proficient in sexy underwear, I suggest that you consider several factors when buying underwear, such as durability, quality, and trustworthy coverage to reduce the confusion of using underwear treatment.Hope this article will help you!

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