What sexy underwear wears a fat woman


Sex underwear is a self -confident expression and popular display for women.

Especially when wearing sexy underwear when the body is fat, it can better highlight their own advantages and make people more sexy and charming, but choosing the right sexy underwear is a science.


It is important to choose a good breathability, soft and comfortable material.

Common materials are cotton, silk, lace, etc. Among them, cotton is more breathable, the silk texture is soft, and the lace is more sexy.


Fatty women should choose a style that can have a self -cultivation effect.

For example, some chests with concentrated underwear or reasonable design of underwear can better integrate into the overall shape after putting on and show a better figure curve.


The choice of colors is also very important. Fatty women should choose dark colors sexy underwear.

This can effectively shape a slender figure and a more sexy image.

No marine underwear

Warrison -free underwear is a relatively comfortable, lightweight, breathable underwear, which is sought after by many women, especially women with fat.

It not only has the effect of tightening and shaping, but also makes your coat and pants more fit your body.


It is important to choose the right bra. Fatty women should choose bras with enhanced and supportive effects, so that they can better show their figure curve.

Avoid too tight

Although tight underwear can make the figure more slimmer, it is necessary not to be too tight, otherwise it will affect blood circulation and negatively affect physical health.

Take a sweet route

Fatty women can also try to take a sweet route and choose a light -colored or pink sexy underwear.

This can not only show your softness and cuteness, but also play a role in reducing the defects of the body.


The combination of underwear and coats is also very important. Fatty women can choose to wear some loose tops or long coats to cover some shortcomings.

At the same time, you can also choose to wear some long skirts or wide -leg pants, which can make your body more slender and clearer.


Fatty women should choose the suitable style, color and material of their own styles. Do not be too tight. With a jacket or long coat, you can show your own advantages and confidence and feel the charm of sexy.

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