What sexy shells are wearing flat -breasted girls

Introduction: Flat -up girls should pay attention to the problem of wearing fun underwear

When wearing a fun underwear for flat -breasted girls, we must pay attention to choosing the right underwear types and styles to show the female curve and enhance the sexy charm. At the same time, avoid the embarrassment and discomfort caused by choosing the wrong underwear.This article will introduce how flat -breasted girls choose suitable sexy underwear to show a charming body curve.

Part 1: Appropriate bras

The right bras can effectively improve the chest lines and increase the plumpness of the chest.For flat -breasted girls, you can choose a style such as inflatable bras, adding a brap, or sticky chest.The inflatable bra can look full through the inflatable chest, the addition of the additional bras can achieve the same effect by thickening the coaster, and the sticky chest sticker can replace the bras, but pay attention not to stick when used.In addition, for girls with flat chests, branches of deeper V, gathering, side details, and decorative effects such as hollow, lace and other decorative effects are also good choices.

The second part: the right top type

When choosing a sexy underwear, we must also consider the wearing clothes.Flat -up girls can choose a jacket such as low -cut, off -shoulder, vest, etc. These tops can show women’s neck, shoulders, arms and other body parts well, reduce the attention of the chest, and make the whole person look more sexy.

Part 3: Appropriate color matching

The choice of color is also very important, and the attractiveness of different colors to different people is also different.For flat -breasted girls, black, red, pink and other colors are good choices.Black can not only make the figure look taller, but also feels the stability of color tones. Most people are appreciated; red can highlight the sexy and confident feminine temperament; pink has the effect of increasing color reduction, which is more suitable for some young girls.

Part 4: Appropriate fabric fabric

Faculty fabrics are essential for the comfort and texture of underwear.For flat -breasted girls, soft, comfortable and elastic and contracted fabrics are good choices.Such as silk, lace, gauze fabrics, etc., you can fit the body curve well and make your body look more perfect.

Part 5: Appropriate decorative details

Appropriate decorative details are a highlight of sexy underwear, which can be embellished and enhanced. At the same time, it can also balance the overall proportion.For flat -breasted girls, decorations such as lace, lace, bow, and sequins are more suitable, which can have a certain effect of breast enhancement.

Part 6: Taboo Choice

Although sexy underwear can play a good embellishment and sales role, it will also cause anti -effects if selected improperly.For flat -breasted girls, it is best to avoid choosing front buckle, high -necked, and irregular shoulder straps. These styles will make the chest look flat and counterproductive.

Part 7: Appropriate dressing method

The appropriate wear method is also crucial to the effect of sexy underwear.Flat -up girls can choose to put underwear in the inside of high -waisted short skirts or high -waisted pants, pull the underwear upwards, increase and stretch the muscle group under the ribs, so that the chest looks like a change.

Part 8: Choose the right bottom

The matching of the next dress is also very important, you can choose according to your own preference.For some sexy and bold girls, you can choose miniskirts, stockings, etc. with sexy underwear, and the overall effect is very dazzling; for some heavy and conservative girls, you can choose long skirts or loose shorts, which makes people feel likeMore elegant.

Part 9: Choose the right occasion

Sex underwear can be worn in many occasions, but it is important to choose the right occasion.For flat -breasted girls, you can choose to wear in relatively private occasions, such as low -key occasions such as home and vacation.

Part 10: End viewpoint

Choosing the right sexy underwear can be shaped for the flat -breasted girls. The use of the appropriate style can achieve a certain effect of strengthening the curve. However, the most important thing is to establish self -confidence, because beauty is a confident extension.

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