What kind of sexy underwear belongs to


In sexy underwear, the word is versatile, and different people’s definition and explanation of it also has different.In the market, sexy underwear is classified as adult products, but more precisely, sexy underwear is one of the underwear categories.This article will classify and explain sex underwear through multiple dimensions.

Category dimension

From the perspective of categories, sexy underwear mainly contains two categories: sexy underwear and sexy underwear.Sexy underwear is a type of underwear for sexy and gender tendencies. It mainly includes stockings, hollow corsets, three -point types, etc., making the wearer more sexy and charm.And sexy underwear is combined with sex toys and underwear.This type of underwear usually shows the parts of the sex organs through the transparent material or exquisite design, and cooperate with various sex toys, flirting props, etc. to coordinate the establishment of an emotional atmosphere.

Style dimension

From the perspective of style, sexy underwear can be divided into low -key and high -profile factions.The low -key faction emphasizes sexy lines and simple and generous design, suitable for some ways to dress low -key, unless, and not inferior to dressing.The high -profile faction is even more shocking and challenging. Not only is the appearance and vibrant appearance, but also the internal design is creative. It can be repeatedly disassembled and assembled to meet the needs of different couples.

Time dimension

From the perspective of time, sexy underwear can be divided into daily models and special models.The daily styles are usually high -quality fabrics, elegant colors, and comfortable versions, suitable for normal daily wear.The special styles are more rich, such as combining specific days such as anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Honeymoon, etc. to highlight this romantic relationship.


From the perspective of the audience, the main goal of sexy underwear is couples, couples and couples.Among these people, sexy underwear can be used to show the gorgeous sexual fantasy world, enhance their emotional intimacy, and ignite sexual ability, so that the life between each other is harmonious and stable.

Design style dimension

From the perspective of design style dimensions, the design style of sexy underwear can be divided into three categories: simple style, gorgeous style and luxury style.Simple style is more simple, paying attention to basic sexy lines, contours and materials; gorgeous style emphasizes gorgeous effects, personal design, revealing sexy and softness; while luxurious style is bold and creative, luxurious design, beautiful craftsmanship and innovative design elementsThe integration of it brings a more gorgeous and luxurious feeling to the wearer.

Fabric dimension

From the perspective of the fabric, sexy underwear can be divided into cotton, silk, chiffon, lace, elasticity, magnetic force and other materials.The texture and comfort brought by different materials are different, and the wearer can choose the appropriate material as needed.

Color dimension

From the point of view of the color, the color of the erotic underwear is almost the same as other underwear, including black, white, red, purple, light, dark, and so on. The wearer can choose the right color according to the characteristics of their skin and taste.


From the perspective of festivals, sexy underwear is closely related to festivals, such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Birthday.In these specific festivals, wearing a set of carefully designed sexy underwear is a very popular approach, which can make people feel romantic and wonderful.

Brand dimension

From the perspective of the brand, the brand of sexy underwear can be divided into domestic and foreign brands.The sexy underwear of domestic brands has the advantage of cheap prices; and the sexy underwear of foreign brands has significant advantages in materials, fabrics, styles and design.

in conclusion

Interesting underwear is a type of underwear, which can be classified according to category, styles, time, audience, design style, fabric, color, festivals and brands.Each dimension can affect the purchase and use of sexy underwear.Wearing erotic underwear has also become a tradition, which can better mobilize people’s emotional reactions and enthusiasm at appropriate.

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