What is the recruitment requirements of sexy underwear store

Basic requirements for recruitment of sexy underwear stores

When recruiting sex underwear store employees, like recruiting other salesperson, shop owners need to consider employee sales experience, enthusiasm and communication skills.However, due to the attributes of sexy underwear, the recruitment standards of sexy underwear shops will be stricter.

Specific requirements

First, the clerk should have a certain product knowledge.This includes the type, purpose, characteristics, size and other related knowledge of sexy underwear.In addition, employees with slightly experienced employees should be familiar with different brands and characteristics in the store so that they can provide more professional answers on customer problems and needs.

Know customer service

Good erotic underwear store employees should know how to provide customers with enthusiastic, personalized and professional services.They should inquire and analyze the customer’s physical characteristics, interesting preferences, etc., and provide appropriate suggestions and help.In addition, employees should also understand the related matters of privacy protection and customer entertainment.

Be good at communication

As a sales staff who cooperates with them, sexy underwear employees should be good at communicating and can actively communicate with customers.This service includes not only the understanding of all issues of customers, but also the establishment of equal and interactive cooperation relationships, thereby creating a warm, comfortable and high -quality shopping environment for customers.

Show good health quality

Due to the attributes of sexy underwear, employees of sex underwear stores should show good health quality and good attention to health work to ensure that customers’ shopping environment in their stores is clean, healthy, and harmless.

No special education background is required

Employees of sexy underwear stores do not need to have too high education background. In most cases, high school education is enough for this job.However, it should be noted that the owner needs to choose those employees who are reliable, responsible, optimistic, and good at communication, and have professional interest in this work.

Basic sales skills

As a salesperson, employees of sex underwear stores basically need to master some basic skills related to sales, such as promotion, sales pricing, sales etiquette, sales tracking, sales analysis, sales planning, etc.

Good communication skills

Employees of sexy underwear stores also need good communication skills and ability to respond in order to answer the questions raised by customers as soon as possible in the process of personalized services.

Sensitive to fashion

Employees of sexy underwear stores also need to be sensitive to fashion.Due to the design, style and material of sexy underwear, employees need to understand fashion trends and customer fashion needs in order to accurately sell and serve.

Avoid too much sales

Good erotic underwear store employees should be able to establish mutual trust relationships, penetrate into the actual sales and sales process, and avoid being too tough or forcibly marketing strategies for customers, so as to better create a welcome atmosphere for customers.


That’s the introduction of the recruitment requirements of sexy underwear stores.It can be said that good clerks need good product knowledge and experience in sales and service customers.Only in this way can we better provide customers with high -quality services and make customers feel warm and assured when shopping in the store.

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