What is the name of sexy underwear on Taobao?

What is the name of sexy underwear on Taobao?

1. Sexy underwear

If you want to buy sexy underwear, the most common search keywords are "sexy underwear".Using this keyword can get many sexy underwear of various styles, from solid color to lace, grid perspective, lace, leather and other materials and various styles.

Second, sex set

If you want to buy a whole set of sexy underwear, you can search for "sex set".These sets include three sets or more, usually one bra and underwear, plus other attachments, such as stockings, foot crickets or handcuffs.

Third, uniform temptation

If you want a more special sexy underwear, you can try to search for "uniform temptation".These erotic lingerie are rich in style, including students, nurses, police, maids, etc., can be selected according to personal preferences.

Four, SM sexy underwear

If you are interested in SM games, you can search for "SM sex underwear".These underwear are usually made of leather or PVC, with a variety of styles such as neck ring, stubborn pants, and chest rings.

Five, stockings/sling

If you want to match a pair of sexy stockings or suspenders, you can use these keywords to search, such as "sex stockings" and "sexy suspenders pantyhose".These accessories are very sexy, which can make your naked part more tempting.

Six, bra/underwear

If you just want to buy a sexy underwear that can be worn on weekdays, you can search for "sex bra", "sex panties" and so on.These underwear are usually designed with lace or perspective grids, which are more sexy and beautiful.

Seven, exposed hip underwear

Dew butt underwear is a very popular sexy underwear. If you want to try this style, you can search for "sexual exposed hip underwear".This kind of underwear is especially suitable for women who want to show Meili, but pay attention to choosing the right size, otherwise it will affect the wearing experience.

8. Lace see -through jacket

Lace perspective underwear is a very beautiful sexy underwear. The effect of perspective will not be too exposed, which is very suitable for gentle women.To search for this underwear, you can try keywords such as "lace through sexy lingerie".

Nine, cat women’s clothing

Cat and women’s clothing is a very popular sexy lingerie style.Its design is based on lace and perspective effects, imitating the image of a cat.You can try to search for keywords such as "cats and women’s sexy underwear".

10. Men’s sexy sheets

Although most sexy underwear is designed for women, men can also buy sexy underwear.Men’s erotic underwear is divided into many types, such as men’s GSE, men’s skin underwear, and so on.You can search for keywords such as "men’s sexy underwear".

In short, there are various styles of sexy underwear on Taobao. As long as you find the categories of interest, you can always try to screen and position, you will definitely find a sexy underwear that suits you.

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