What is the market profit of sexy underwear

Funeral underwear market overview

Interest underwear is a kind of underwear designed for sex experience.With the progress of society and the gradual acceptance of people’s knowledge, the sexy underwear market has developed rapidly.More and more people have begun to try this underwear, market demand has gradually increased, and manufacturers have also increased production, and many new sexy underwear brands have also appeared.

Fun underwear price distribution

The price of sex underwear is different due to the differences in brands, styles and materials. Generally, the price of sexy underwear ranges from 20 to 2,000 yuan.Among them, the price of high -end brands is relatively high, but their sales are relatively high, which can bring higher profits.

Sales of sexy underwear

The sales method of sexy underwear mainly focuses on online sales and offline sales.Online sales have gradually become the main sales method of sexy underwear due to their convenient and fast characteristics and privacy protection; offline sales are mainly sold through special stores such as adult products stores.

Fun underwear market profit analysis

The erotic underwear market has high profit margins, and its profits are mainly composed of the following aspects:

Brand premium: Increasing the popularity of sexy underwear brands can bring higher brand premiums, thereby increasing the profit margin of the product.

Higher manufacturing costs: Most of the sexy underwear uses higher -grade fabrics and design. These manufacturing costs are relatively high, but due to the needs of consumers and the desire to increase purchase, their profits will increase accordingly.

Comparison of online sales and offline sales: The online sales cost of sexy underwear is lower than offline sales, so its profits are relatively higher.

Types of sexy underwear brands

There are many types of sexy underwear brands, and well -known brands at home and abroad.The following is an introduction to some domestic brands:

Showzhi (Showzhi)

Pureland (Pureland)

Safe Knight (SAFERIDER)

Erotic cat


The sales of sexy underwear in different festivals

There are also differences in the sales of sexy underwear in different festivals, such as Valentine’s Day, Tanabata Festival, and anniversary of the wedding anniversary, they will bring greater sales.

Interesting underwear consumer group

The consumer groups of sexy underwear are mainly young people who are full of vitality, creativity, pursuit of quality and life taste.However, with the gradual progress of social concepts, more and more people have begun to accept the consumption of sexy underwear.

Future trend of sexy underwear market

The sex underwear market will have a continuous and good development trend. With the further opening of society and the free choice of consumers, the sales and profits of the sex underwear market are expected to increase to a large extent.


In general, the sexy underwear market is a broader market. As people pay more and more attention to sexual health, the market demand of sexy underwear will gradually increase. I believe that this market will still have in the next few years.Good development prospects and high market profits.

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