What is the best material for sex underwear


Sex underwear has become a representative of modern women’s fashion and sexy.However, for most people, it is not so simple to understand the material of love underwear.In this article, what kind of material we will discuss is most suitable for sexy underwear.

Silk material

Some people think that silk -made underwear can provide a high -level and soft feeling, making women more distinctive.However, silk is also easy to damage and require special care to maintain quality.

Cotton material

Cotton erotic underwear is one of the most comfortable choices, because they are soft, breathable and easy to clean.This material is suitable for wearing on weekdays.


Lace erotic underwear is synonymous with women’s fashion and sexy.This material makes sexy underwear more elegant and sexy.However, lace material is also easier to wear, require special care, and its comfort is usually not as good as cotton or other materials.

Soft fiber material

This material’s sexy underwear usually contains natural or synthetic fibers, such as polyester, nylon and elastic wire.They are soft, breathable, and high comfort.They are usually easy to clean like cotton and sexy underwear.

Leather material

Leather sex underwear is a very sexy charm and personality choice, but it also needs special care.Leather sex lingerie usually needs to wipe to maintain the appearance and softness.

Mesh material

Garma sexy underwear often uses latex or polyester fiber, and tight mesh can attract sight.Net yarn sex underwear is more applicable for people with advantages.

Microfiber material

Micro -fiber -dimensional love lingerie is one of the latest types. It is smooth, soft, breathable and easy to clean.Because of the use of higher quality fibers, sometimes the price is slightly higher.

Latex material

Latex erotic underwear is soft, breathable, very flexible, and has very good comfort.Latex sex lingerie usually needs to be cleaned separately.

Applicable occasions

Different types of sexy underwear are suitable for different occasions.For example, cotton erotic underwear is usually suitable for daily wear, while silk sex lingerie is suitable for special occasions.

in conclusion

According to your personal sense and need, it is important to choose the suitable sexy underwear material.Understanding materials and understanding the environment, choosing high -quality sexy underwear can make you more comfortable and sexy.

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