What is Taobao sex underwear evaluation word


In today’s market, sexy underwear has become one of the choices of many young women, and Taobao is their favorite.But on Taobao, how do you distinguish and buy high -quality sexy underwear?Evaluation words are an important indicator in Taobao shopping. So what are the evaluation words of Taobao sex underwear?

Style and color

On Taobao, there are many styles and colors in sexy underwear, which requires us to correctly identify and choose.For women of different figures, the style and color that suits them are different.For plump women, round neck -style sexy underwear is very suitable, and thin women can choose a bow -type sexy underwear.In terms of color, black, red and white are the most common choices.

Fabric and wearing experience

The choice of fabrics is one of the important factors that affect the wearing experience.If the fabric is too tough, it will make the wearer feel uncomfortable.And if the fabric is too soft, it will also lose the shape and effect of sexy underwear.Therefore, it is necessary to meet the requirements of the fabric smoothness, breathability, and elasticity, so that wearing it will be comfortable and smooth.

Reputation of manufacturer

In the choice of Taobao sex lingerie, the credibility of manufacturers is also an important evaluation indicator.We can judge the credibility of a manufacturer by viewing the previous transaction records, evaluation content and scores.If a manufacturer has a lot of praise and high scores, then we can relatively trust it.

Price and cost -effective

The price of Taobao sex underwear is different from manufacturers, materials, styles, etc., so the price is also a common evaluation indicator.Generally speaking, in the case of appropriate price, we must consider whether the cost performance is high, that is, the cost of less cost, but we can get higher quality.

Seller service attitude

In Taobao shopping, the service attitude and quality of the seller are very important.A good seller should answer our questions in time and patiently, deal with transactions quickly, and ensure the quality of goods.Therefore, better evaluation words can start with service attitude and quality, and then choose better products.

Quality and physical consistency

In Taobao shopping, the most worried is that the photos on the webpage are inconsistent with the real thing.Therefore, the actual objects in the evaluation words are consistent with the photo or the quality of good quality can increase our trust in the product and prevent the purchase of unsatisfactory sexy underwear.

Comfort and admirable

The comfort and admiration of Taobao sex underwear are also factors that need to be considered when choosing.In Taobao’s evaluation, if there are a lot of praise to mention factors such as comfort and admiration, it means that this sexy underwear has better performance and cost -effectiveness.

Product effects and characteristics

There are many effects of sexy underwear, such as slimming, breast enhancement, shaping, etc.Different interesting underwear effects and characteristics have their own strengths. We should choose according to our needs and preferences.

Pay attention to hot spots, popularity and trends

The style and trend of sexy underwear are also very concerned about buyers.The attention of fashion hotspots and popular trends allows us to understand the characteristics and style of new sexy underwear, which allows us to better choose the products that suits them.


The evaluation of Taobao sex underwear is not only evaluated from the aspects of product quality, price cost -effectiveness, style, fabric, etc., but also includes the seller’s service attitude, physical quality, performance and cost -effectiveness, comfort, and the trend of commodity trends.If you want to buy a sexy underwear that suits you, it is recommended that the above factors are considered standards and choose to buy in combination with your needs.

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