What hairstyle of sex underwear

Interest underwear is one of the important equipment for modern women to show sexy charm.But nowadays, the types of sexy underwear are full of daunting.So, what kind of sexy underwear is for you?This article will answer this question for you and introduce several sexy lingerie styles that are suitable for women with different figures.

1. Steel ring and non -steel ring

Steel circle sexy underwear and non -steel circle sexy underwear are the two most common types.If your chest is relatively large, you can use the steel circle model to improve support and make you more comfortable.If your chest is slightly smaller, the selection of non -steel circles will be more suitable.

2. Half cup and full cup

Cup is an important indicator of sexy underwear.The half cup and the whole cup are two different cup design.The half -cup design is more suitable for women with better chest shapes, and its design can highlight the chest curve.The full cup is more suitable for women with irregular chest shapes, and its design can improve the chest shape.

3. There is no shoulder strap

There are two different styles of different styles of erotic underwear and shoulder straps, each with each Qiuqiu.There is a straw sexy underwear suitable for women who need additional support. Its shoulder straps can balance the weight of different parts and make you more comfortable.And the shoulder -free sexy underwear is suitable for women who want to expose shoulders and necks.

4. Sling and butterfly strap

The details of choosing sex underwear are very important, including choosing different types.The camisole design is more suitable for women with full breasts because it can ensure sufficient support.The butterfly belt design is more suitable for women with thin breasts.

5. Follow -up and rear buckle

The front buckle and the rear buckle are two different sets.The front buckle color underwear is suitable for women with large breasts and short arms, which is more convenient to wear and take off.Then the fastening underwear is more suitable for women with smaller breasts, because the design of the rear buckle is more beautiful.

6. Body -shaping design

The body shaping design can make the figure more well -proportioned and improve the chest and waist lines.If you need to improve your body line, it is recommended to choose a sexy underwear with a body -shaping design.This kind of erotic underwear -like style -like style, with enhanced pads and embedded body shaping materials, can make your body more perfect.

7. Transparency and opaque

Transparency and opaque are one of the common styles of sexy underwear.The transparent style is more suitable for women who want to show their body advantages and sexy.The opaque style is more suitable for women that need to be conservative.

8. Special materials

There are several special materials types of sexy underwear, such as silk, high elastic fibers and lace.The texture of these materials is soft, comfortable, and sexy, but the design is relatively simple.Selecting a special material underwear can show another different temperament.

9. Local sexy design

Local sexy design refers to special treatment for some local designs of sexy underwear, such as lace, hook flowers, horn edges, and so on.These designs can highlight women’s unique sexy and charming.

10. Create your own style

Finally, each woman’s body and temperament are unique.You can try the style of sexy underwear based on your temperament, body and personal style, and find the style that suits you best.No matter what kind of sexy underwear you choose, the focus is on comfort, confidence, and nature.

When choosing a sexy underwear, follow your own understanding of yourself, and don’t blindly pursue the trend and ignore your own characteristics.The point is to focus on comfort and self -confidence.In short, finding a sexy underwear that suits you can make women more confident and beautiful.

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