What does sexy underwear color mean?

What is sexy underwear color

Sexy underwear, also known as "underwear size color", is a tool to measure underwear size.It is usually composed of a strip with a series of size standards printed on the strap.

Why do I need sexy underwear color

The size of the underwear and the size of the size of each place is not the same. The use of sexy underwear color can accurately measure the customer’s body size to avoid the discomfort and the trouble of buying back and replacement.

Types of sexy underwear color

Depending on the material, the sexy underwear color can be divided into plastic, cardboard color, and cloth color.

How to choose sexy underwear color

Generally speaking, the sexy underwear color used by customers can choose folding plastic or cardboard colors, because these two colors are more economical and practical.Professional underwear stores will choose to use cloth color, because this material is softer, and it is easier to fit the customer’s body curve to ensure accuracy of the measurement results.

How to use sexy underwear color

When using sexy underwear, you need to master the correct way of use.Customers should surround the lower circumference of their bodies, align the two ends of the color, and then read their own underwear size.

Size standard of sexy underwear color

Different brands of sexy underwear are different in size.However, the size of the color of the color of the sexy underwear includes the bust, the lower circumference, the size of the cup.

Refer to the color size when buying sexy underwear

When buying sexy underwear, customers can refer to the size measured using sexy underwear color.However, due to the different standards of sexy underwear in different brands, customers are advised to refer to the size table of specific brands when purchasing.

Do I need to clean the sexy underwear color?

Because the sexy underwear color will contact the customer’s skin, it is recommended to clean it before use.

The channel for buying sex underwear

Sexy underwear color can be purchased in underwear size stores, sex products stores and other places.Some brands of erotic underwear will also have sexy underwear, and customers can use these colors directly.

Viewpoint: Correct use of sexy underwear color can buy the right underwear

The correct use of sexy underwear color can avoid unnecessary size purchase problems, help customers choose more suitable sexy underwear, thereby improving the comfort of the body.Therefore, it is recommended that customers use sexy underwear to get the best use effect when buying sexy underwear.

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