What does it need to open a sexy underwear factory

Factory and equipment

First of all, opening a sex underwear factory requires sufficient factories and equipment.The area of the plant should be able to accommodate production equipment and storage products.Equipment should include sewing machines, clips, mold machines, etc., as well as a series of tools and auxiliary equipment required for production.

Raw material supply

In addition to sufficient equipment, the sexy underwear factory also needs to be supplying stable and reliable raw materials.The raw materials include fabrics, lace, buttons, stitching, etc.Manufacturers need to establish long -term stable cooperative relationships with suppliers to ensure the quality of raw materials and the stability of supply.

Appropriate employee

Production of sexy underwear requires a variety of skills, such as cutting, sewing, design, etc.Therefore, it is important to recruit suitable employees.Employees need to have relevant skills and experience, and have a serious and responsible attitude to complete production tasks on time.

Marketing strategy

Any company needs a good marketing strategy to sell its own products.The sexy underwear industry needs to be unusual marketing, such as cooperating with social media, film and television programs, and fashion bloggers.Art creation in this industry can play an important role, because the visual effect it creates can easily grasp the attention of target customers.

Brand Concept

Brand is one of the core competitiveness of the enterprise.To open a sex underwear factory must have a unique and attractive brand concept.Thinking of the brand concept can help you stand out in the market and win the trust and brand reputation of customers.


Quality control is an important issue that any factory must pay attention to.For sexy underwear production plants, quality problems may be catastrophic, because once the quality is not up to the standard, consumers will be very difficult to accept.Therefore, it is crucial to establish a strict quality control system.

Sales channels

The sales channels of the sex underwear industry are very important.Customers in this industry need to protect their privacy and security, and where they need to go to make them feel safe and comfortable.This also means that the sales channels of sexy underwear factories should be legitimate, safe, reliable and easy to accept.This includes its own websites, offline physical stores, e -commerce platforms, etc.

Industry certification and standard

Fun underwear plants should meet the various certifications and standards covered by the industry.These certifications and standards may include environmental protection requirements, production safety, styles and quality requirements.Ensuring all qualifications that meet these standards can help sex underwear factories gain more reputation and market position.

Price positioning

Establishing a reasonable price positioning is one of the key factors of any sex underwear factory.The price should not only reflect the quality, raw material cost and process complexity of the product, but also take into account the needs of customers and the current status of the market.


The sexy underwear market is in the process of changing, so sexy underwear factories must always pay attention to market changes and customer demand continue to develop.This can be achieved by continuous innovation and practice in all aspects of design, production, sales and brand building.


To open a sexy underwear factory not only requires enough capital investment, but also requires consideration and dedication in many ways.Under the premise of correcting the market positioning and improving the management system, choose the right sales channel, understand the quality requirements, grasp the marketing strategy, adhere to your brand concept, and always pay attention to market changes and customer needs in order to be fierce in this competition.The market occupies a place.

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