What color should sex underwear choose

What color should sex underwear choose?

When we choose the color of sexy underwear, we usually face various choices.Some colors are more suitable for some occasions, while other colors are more suitable for relaxation and enjoyment.In this article, we will discuss what color sexy underwear is selected in different occasions to help you make better choices.

1. Select the sexy underwear of neutral colors during the interview

If you are interviewing work, it is very important to choose a sexy underwear with neutral colors.Neutral colors, such as black, white, gray, beige, etc., are a better choice, because they do not cause employers to pay too much attention to wearing.The sexy energy of black tone is very large, while white shows softness and innocent temperament.

2. When dating, you can choose a red sexy underwear

When you date with your partner, choosing a red -colored sexy underwear is a more popular choice.Red is a symbol of love, passion and desire, so this is a good choice.You can try some dark or light red, show your self -confidence and charming temperament.

3. On dinner or formal occasions, choose gold or silver sexy underwear

If you will wear sexy underwear on formal occasions, choosing gold or silver colors will be an excellent choice.Gold and silver represent noble and elegant, which can bring a good image to the wearers.Use some glittering sexy underwear.

4. When dating and home, you can choose sexy black or white sexy underwear

Dark sexy underwear such as black, white and gray usually makes people feel a sexy atmosphere.Dark -colored erotic underwear is suitable for wearing when sleeping at night, or when using it when it is romantic with a partner, it will add a lot of romantic atmosphere.

5. When shopping or outdoor activities, you can choose a bright sexy underwear

If you are ready to go out shopping or perform outdoor activities, you can choose bright sexy underwear.Bright colors such as red, yellow, pink, etc. can make your wear more eye -catching and add vitality.

6. When your skin is darker, you should choose a bright color sexy underwear

People with darker skin look better in sexy underwear.Bright colors such as blue, purple and red, with some shiny details look fashionable.

7. When your skin is lighter, you should choose a soft color sexy underwear

Soft colors such as dark blue, green, dark pink, etc. are suitable for people with lighter skin.The colorful sexy underwear will increase the pale face.

8. The color of the sexy underwear that helps to improve the performance of men’s sports

Studies have shown that red is a color that increases male movement.Therefore, when men wear red colors of sexy underwear for exercise, their exercise performance will be better.

9. Suitable for sexy underwear colors of different ages

Young girls often choose a variety of strange colors or popular colors sexy underwear; mature women can choose low -key and stable tones.Please choose the most suitable color according to your age and personal temperament.

10. Summary

The color of the love underwear is not very difficult, because as long as you understand the meaning and effect of each color, you can choose complementary or contrast colors.In the end, what color of sexy underwear is selected, you need to choose your own clothes and wear on the occasion of your own personality, so as to better highlight your personality and beauty.

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