What color nails are applied to sex underwear

What color nails are applied to sex underwear

Interest underwear has become an indispensable part of women’s daily life in modern society.In addition to wearing a sexy underwear, you also need to pay attention to the matching of the nails.Let me introduce what color nails are applied to wearing sexy lingerie.

1. Red nails

Red nails are classic and eternal colors. Whether they are usually wearing sexy underwear, it is a good choice.Especially some light -colored erotic underwear, with red nails can make the whole person look more charming and moving.

2. Black nails

Black nails are suitable for girls with strong personality.With black underwear, it looks more cool.However, black nails need to be noticed if the nails are not long or the hand shape is not so beautiful, don’t try this color.

3. Pink nails

Pink nails are relatively fresh and cute colors, and it will be good with fresh underwear.Suitable for young girls.

4. Purple nails

Purple nails are relatively mysterious and noble colors. With some more expensive sexy underwear, the whole person will look noble and sexy.

5. Golden nails

Golden nails will be exaggerated, suitable for those more luxurious sexy underwear.It should be noted that golden nails are not suitable for relatively thick hands.

6. White nails

White nails are suitable for fresh underwear, which looks more elegant and generous.However, it should be noted that white nails are easy to expose their hands and need to maintain a good nail shape.

7. Orange nails

Orange nails are suitable for some lively and active girls. With the more enthusiastic sexy underwear, the whole person can look very angry.

8. Blue nails

Blue nails are suitable for some girls who do not want to take conventional routes.With a jumping sexy underwear, you can stand out in the crowd.

9. Gray nails

The gray nails are more special, with some relatively low -key sexy underwear effects, such as black underwear.

10. Transparent nails

The transparent nails are very versatile, suitable for a variety of different sexy underwear, making your whole person look very clean.

in conclusion:

What color nails are applied to sex underwear, you need to choose the appropriate nail color according to your own style and underwear type.No matter which color is selected, you need to pay attention to whether your hand shape is suitable, maintain the shape of the nails, and don’t forget to maintain the skin’s skin in order to show the best state.

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