What are the reasons why teenagers wear fun underwear

Introduction: Why are teenagers wearing fun underwear?

With the development of the times, sexy underwear has gradually become more and more popular.Among them, the phenomenon of teenagers wearing erotic underwear has gradually increased.This phenomenon has aroused people’s attention and discussion.So, what is the reason why teenagers wear sexy underwear?

Pursue freshness and stimulus

Teenagers prefer to try something new, and sexy underwear is one of them.For them, wearing sexy underwear can feel a different kind of stimulus and pleasure, which makes them feel very excited and satisfied.

Improved idols or Internet celebrities

Nowadays, adolescents are more likely to be affected by the behavior of online celebrities or idols. If they see idols or online celebrities wearing sexy underwear, they will also imitate their behavior.The influence of these behaviors is also one of the reasons for teenagers to wear sexy underwear.

To get attention and praise

The psychology of teenagers is relatively fragile, and they need the attention and recognition of people around them.Putting on sex lingerie can make them attract the attention and praise of others, which makes them feel very fulfilled and satisfied.

Lack of sex education and correct guidance

In our country, sexual topics have always been an embarrassing topic.Many parents lack correct sex education for their children, which has led to young people’s understanding and understanding of sex.They may only wear sexy underwear for the psychological factors of curiosity and badness, rather than truly understanding and accepting erotic underwear.

Error values and cognition

Many teenagers have some wrong values and cognition about sexy underwear.They think that wearing sexy underwear is cool, but they do not know the meaning and purpose of wearing sexy underwear.The errors of these values and cognition have led to an increased phenomenon of teenagers in sexy underwear.

Early maturity and exploration

With the development of society, the phenomenon of premature sexual maturity of teenagers is becoming more and more common.Some teenagers wear sexy underwear to explore mystery.This behavior is irrational, which will have a great impact on the physical and mental health of young people.

The pursuit of body and appearance

Teenagers are in the stage of physical development, and they are more concerned about their figure and appearance.Wearing sexy underwear can make them feel more sexy and more confident and satisfied.


Rebellion is a psychology that is common in the growth of teenagers.Wearing erotic underwear can make them feel more avant -garde and alternative than their peers, and they can also express their rebellious psychology in this way.

The influence of family and social environment

The behavior of adolescents is affected by the family and social environment.If they grow in an open environment, they will be more open to sexual cognition and understanding.And if they grow in a conservative and closed environment, their perception and understanding of sex will be more vague.

Reasonable sex education is the key

In response to the phenomenon of wearing sexy underwear, we should fundamentally solve the problem rather than simply criticizing and condemnation.Reasonable sex education allows young people to correctly understand their bodies, enhance self -protection awareness and the ability to properly handle problems.Only by allowing adolescents to receive sexual education correctly can this phenomenon effectively reduce the occurrence of this phenomenon.


Young people wear fun underwear is a more embarrassing topic. In the process of solving this problem, we need to objectively examine the problem and take effective measures to solve it.Through reasonable sexual education and correct guidance, we can make young people accept sexy underwear correctly and make them a healthy, confident and rational person.

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