What are the inner types of sexy underwear

Sexy underwear is a sexy and beautiful clothing, which is sought after by women globally.And the inner type of sexy underwear is also an important manifestation of its quality and nature. Let’s take a look at the inner type of sexy underwear.

1. Full -cover cup of interesting underwear

The full -cover cup of fun underwear is a very conservative style. Its design completely covers the breasts and has strong support and package effects.This internal type is suitable for women with large breasts or relaxation, which can effectively organize shapes and prevent drooping.

2. Half -cup cup of sexy underwear

Compared with the whole cup, the design of the half -cup of fun underwear has a slight reduction of the cup design, exposing part of the cleavage, which can effectively enhance the chest curve and increase the sexy charm.Suitable for women with full chest and good shape.

3. Triangle Cup Sex Underwear

Triangular cup sexy underwear refers to the design of the triangle of the cup. It usually uses a thin cup design, which is weak, but it can show a perfect chest curve, suitable for women with moderate and well -proportioned chest size and shape.

4. Steel -free circle of fun underwear

Steel -free sexy underwear refers to the design of the bra no skeleton, higher comfort, and more suitable for long -term wear.This internal type is suitable for women with smaller chests and slim figures, which can easily shape the body curve more easily.

5. Thin cup sexy underwear

Thin cup erotic underwear is a usual internal design that not only has good breathability, high comfort, but also can show a perfect breast curve, suitable for women with beautiful chest curves and well -proportioned shapes.

6. Ultra -thin cup sexy underwear

Ultra -thin cup sexy underwear is an upgraded version of thin cup sexy lingerie. It usually uses ultra -thin design, suitable for women with moderate breast size, shapely shape, and fair skin.It can look very sexy and charming.

7. Lift hip sex jacket

Lift and sexy underwear is a style for the design of the hip. It usually uses rich elastic fibers, which can effectively enhance the hip lines and increase texture and beauty.

8. Even the body fun underwear

Even physical underwear refers to the design of the upper and lower parts designed by a conjoined manner. The sexy effect is very significant and can visually increase the height and proportion of women’s figure.

9. Stomato sexy underwear

Funny underwear is usually a design below the waist. It can effectively shape the hips and waist lines, increase the sexy effect of women, and be suitable for sexy and independent modern women.

10. Interesting underwear

Better -bodied underwear refers to a design that can close the waist and abdomen. It is suitable for women with a certain raised waist and abdomen, which can effectively improve the body shape.

The following is a personal point of view: When choosing a sexy underwear, you should choose according to your own body and habit. You cannot blindly follow the trend.Only by wearing a sexy underwear that suits you can you better show your sexy and charm.

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