What are the elegant names of sexy underwear


Interest underwear is a underwear that specializes in enhancing the relationship between husband and wife and makes sex more interesting.However, for those who are not familiar with this underwear, its name may be a bit indecent.Therefore, today we will explore the elegant name of sexy underwear.

Romantic underwear

As a kind of sexy underwear, romantic underwear has adjusted the design and material, emphasizing the romantic atmosphere of color such as red and black, and enhancing emotion and interaction.This is a more formal title, giving people a sense of elegance and romance.

European lace underwear

European -style lace underwear refers to redefine underwear with exquisite lace and embroidery.This underwear usually has a high neckline and long sleeves, which gives people an elegant and noble feeling.In addition, European -style lace underwear is also an artistic underwear, and many people regard it as a collection.

Champagne underwear

Champagne underwear is a very elegant sexy underwear. It uses light silk fabrics, handmade lace and unique designs to emphasize women’s curves.Many people describe their colors like champagne. This high -end metaphor gives people an artistic and aesthetic enjoyment.

Angel underwear

Angel underwear is a sexy underwear characterized by chest support design.It conveys a pure and mysterious image, symbolizing the elegance and purity of the angels.This is a lingerie that is very suitable for romantic dinner and other romantic occasions.

French underwear

French underwear is a high -end product, and is usually made of fine embroidery, handmade lace and high -quality satin.This underwear has a complex and rich design, and it is confident and sexy to think of the romantic sense of France.

Evening dress underwear

Evening dress underwear is a kind of underwear designed for wearing evening dresses.This underwear usually uses a lot of fabrics and handmade lace, so that there is no trace fitting under the evening dress.It is more formal and elegant than other interesting underwear.

Boston underwear

Boston underwear originated from Boston, USA. It is an endless elegant underwear based on endless imagination and inspiration.This underwear usually uses comfortable materials and gray tone, which can emphasize women’s classic beauty and modern sense.

Royal underwear

Royal underwear is a relatively conservative but exquisite underwear. It usually uses handmade lace and satin, and was once the representative of the British Royal Underwear market.This elegant name can reflect the quality and structure of underwear.

Manhattan Platform

Manhattan underwear is a classic elegant underwear.This underwear is usually characterized by black fabrics and relatively direct design, which is characterized by two sleeves and an off -the -shoulder design.Some people regard this high -end underwear as a sign of New York, so Manhattan underwear is a name with a strong sense of fashion.

Malaysian underwear

Malaysian underwear is a very popular sexy underwear, which is even more popular in the Asian market, especially Southeast Asia.High -quality high -end lace and a curved design provide excellent touch and support, and have a strong Southeast Asian atmosphere.This underwear brings a novel and mysterious impression.


In modern society, people’s views on sexy underwear have been changing and developing.However, no matter how its names change, their goals are always the same.Interest underwear is to make people’s lives more interesting and fulfilling.No matter what you name it, this underwear is a wonderful product.

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