What are the big size sexy underwear manufacturers

What are the big size sexy underwear manufacturers

1. Introiduction

With the continuous improvement of people’s body needs, the market demand of large -size sexy underwear has gradually increased.However, the production of large -size sexy underwear is not what every sex underwear manufacturer can do.This article will introduce some manufacturers who specialize in producing large -size sexy underwear.

2. HIPS & Curves

HIPS & Curves is a brand that specializes in large -scale sexy underwear.The company’s product lines include large and small bra, underwear, strap, jacket, role -playing clothes and cat women’s clothing.Their design aims to make plump women feel comfortable and confident.

3. Torrid

Torrid is another brand dedicated to making large -size sexy underwear.They provide many styles for desire and interest, from charming lace to wet leather.The company has more than 600 retail stores worldwide, and the products provided are suitable for the needs of women.

4. Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant is one of the most famous large -size female clothing stores in the United States, and provides large -size sexy underwear under the name of the "CACIQUE" brand.Their product lines are very comprehensive, from casual underwear to sexy underwear, which truly realizes the purpose of making women with size.

5. Simply be

Simply BE started in the UK and has now become one of the popular large -size sexy underwear producers in the world.They provide various colors, fabrics and styles, and even the most demanding customers can be satisfied.

6. Curvy Couture

Curvy Couture produces a variety of large bras, underwear, bodybuilding, and jackets. It aims to avoid strengths and avoid weaknesses, so that plump women are confident.Their underwear design combines modern technology to provide support and breathability.

7. Thirdlove

ThirdLove is not a brand specializing in large -size underwear, but their bras include many loose size, suitable for large -size women.Their bra is suitable for various tailoring and shapes, providing support for your body.They also provide free "suspenders" to help you find the perfect suspender.

8. Addition ELLE

Addition ELLE is another well -known large -size sexy underwear producer in Canada.Their diverse products include blouses, role -playing clothes, panties and jackets.Their design first considers comfort and quality, so it is not only suitable for large size women, but also suitable for all women.

9. Bravissimo

Bravissimo’s products are designed for big breasts.They provide large and small bra, underwear and suspenders, as well as some intimate elegant details to increase comfort.

10. Elomi Lingerie

Elomi Lingerie provides a variety of large -size sexy underwear of various models, sizes and levels.Their product lines are wide, including body clothes, panties, and jackets.Their focus is to provide additional support structures for big breasts, while ensuring comfortable, sexy and stylish fashion.

In short, large -size erotic underwear is a very important underwear.If you are a large -size woman, I believe the producer above can provide the product option that is most suitable for you.Therefore, do not lose self -confidence because of the appearance, but put on a large -size sexy underwear that suits you to show the most beautiful attitude.

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