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As more and more people begin to accept the fashion category of sexy underwear, there are more and more types of sexy underwear in the market, and there are many styles that can bring novel experiences and interesting stimulus to consumers.Today, we will introduce a dance -juki sexy underwear from the Western Regions to allow you to appreciate the charm of exotic style.

Style introduction

The dance -Ji sexy underwear is inspired by Wuji, and uses gold fabrics, silk wigs and brilliant red stockings as accessories, which makes people look bright.The upper part of the underwear is designed with a black bra. The hem is used in golden tassels, plump chest curves, perfectly showing the sexy side of women.The second half is used in a golden gauze skirt with red lace on it, and the skirt is equipped with a streaming sovereign, which gives the skirt a sense of agility.Coupled with the embellishment of bright red socks, the whole set of erotic underwear is full of the emotional color of the dancer.

For people

Wan Ji’s sexy underwear is suitable for women who like to play with fun. Whether they appear in the sex party or for husband and wife, they can bring a different experience to the wearer.At the same time, this sexy underwear is also suitable for women who want to enhance self -confidence through underwear and show the beautiful curve of women.

Method of dressing

Before wearing a dancey underwear, you must wear underwear and bra first, and then wear silk wigs on your head.Then, put on the golden gauze skirt, fix the red lace around the waist, and finally with red stockings and black high heels.Pay attention to details throughout the process to maintain a neat and clean state.


Dance -Ji sexy underwear is more complicated and requires professional maintenance methods.First, to clean the upper and lower parts separately to avoid mutual wear.Choose cold water to wash and dry it when cleaning to avoid bleaching water.You can clean your clothes in your bag to avoid different clothes and hardness, which affects the texture.


Putting on the dancer’s sexy underwear can make the wearer feel confident and show his charm.The whole suit is full of exotic mood, making people shine.If you participate in a sex party or a husband and wife dating, you can create a sexy atmosphere, so that both parties can enjoy stimuli and fun.Of course, you can also wear it at home to relax and enjoy personal space.


Considering the complexity and sexy degree of dance underwear, it is recommended to buy it at a regular sex store or e -commerce platform, so as not to buy low -quality secondary products or unsophisticated sexy underwear.At the same time, the size selection and return policy should be considered when purchasing to avoid embarrassment.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of Wuji’s sexy underwear is that design is unique, novel in style, and wide applicable people, which can bring stimuli and fun to the wearer.The disadvantage is that it is more complicated, and it takes time and mind to maintain and wear.


As a member of the sexy underwear, Wuji sexy underwear fully shows the uniqueness and creativity of the designer.Whether in sexual parties or couples, wearing it can always bring people a different experience.However, you should also notice that it takes time and thought, I hope everyone can make full consideration before making a decision.

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