Wearing sex underwear is watched

Wearing sex underwear is watched

Regardless of men and women, wearing sexy underwear has a unique sexy charm. It feels exciting and interesting to wear sexy underwear.However, there are many questions that need to be answered for some people who are in contact with sex underwear for the first time.In this article, we will understand what you need to pay attention to when you look at the sexy underwear to help you better enjoy this special experience.

Choose a sexy underwear that suits you

Before wearing sex lingerie, you must first choose a sexy underwear that suits you.Consider your own figure characteristics and skin color, choose simple and stylish underwear to avoid too tedious decoration and too much patterns, so as not to cause dazzling viewers.

Combination of texture and color

After choosing a underwear that suits you, it is also very important to consider the combination of texture and color.The sexy underwear of different materials can convey different breath. Some materials such as silk and lace have good breathability and comfort. It is also very important to choose different colors of underwear based on skin color.For people with dark hair color, it is more suitable for choosing red, white and other colors, and people with lighter skin tone are suitable for choosing some darker colors.

Proper way of dressing

It is also very important to choose the right way of dressing. A sexy underwear has a different feeling. If the method of wearing is not right, it can easily affect the entire effect.For example, a camisole underwear needs to pay attention to the width and length of the shoulder straps. If the band is too width, long, or too short, it will make the wearer feel uncomfortable.When wearing sex underwear, you must choose a suitable dressing method with your body as the benchmark.

Don’t forget accessories

Before wearing sex underwear, you also need to consider the accessories of underwear. Choosing the right accessories can enhance the breath of the wearer and create a more perfect visual effect.For example, jewelry, gloves, lace stockings, etc. can enhance the wearer’s breath and overall fashion sense.

The importance of sexy underwear details

Interesting underwear must not only consider the overall effect visually, but also the details.The design time of sexy underwear is short and delicate, and the effects of details and quality need to be considered.Therefore, wearers need to choose good quality and design sexy underwear, especially some details that are easy to expose outside need to pay more attention.


For wearing sexy underwear, techniques are also very important.Different methods can convey different emotions and atmospheres, especially some popular methods, such as gaze, smiling and other methods, you need to master it. Do not exaggerate too much, and do not calm down, show beauty in a natural way.


When wearing a sexy underwear, you still need to notice the inner state.It is not enough to wear sexy underwear to be beautiful, and more importantly, it needs to show the inner beauty.Show your temperament confident, generous, mature, and elegant, and presented to the audience with a more perfect attitude.

in conclusion

It is a special experience for many people, but it is necessary to master the underwear and accessories, details, dressing methods, attention methods, etc. to choose your own underwear and accessories.EssenceWhen wearing a sexy underwear, pay attention to your own mentality and show your beautiful side.

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