Wear sex underwear at home love love


Interest underwear is a way to improve sexual fun. Many people choose to use it as a prop for flirting and love.Putting on a sexy underwear at home to explore the excitement experience of love together will make you and your partner closer.Here are some suggestions on how to wear love underwear at home.

Choose the right sexy underwear

Choosing the right sexy underwear is the most basic.Don’t just pay attention to whether it is sexy, but also pay attention to whether it is comfortable in fit, and whether it is in line with the taste of you and your partner.For example, choose a red series to increase passion.

Create sexy atmosphere

When wearing a sexy underwear at home, you must create a sexy and romantic atmosphere.You can light some candles, put some soothing music, or put one or two roses on the bedside.This will bring you an impressive experience to you and your partner.

role play

Sex underwear can be used as a prop.Try to simulate scenes and characters in the room, which will make you and your partner full of freshness and excitement.Playing some roles, such as police and criminals, doctors and patients, can increase interest and passion.

Explore new gameplay

You can try some new gameplay when wearing sexy underwear.For example, some sexy underwear built -in vibrations can increase stimuli and pleasure.Or, you can sprinkle some ice cubes on it and lick your body after the ice cubes melt.Trying new things will make your sex experience more fulfilling and exciting.

Performed naturally

Be sure to express naturally, don’t pretend to be sexy.Confidence and natural expression are more exciting than excessive deliberate.Women can express their beauty with elegant attitude, and men can show their grace through gentle manners.

Keep an open mind

It is important to maintain an open mind.Before wearing a sexy underwear, you must discuss with your partner to ensure that he/she is willing to try this new way.In performing sexual activities, we must also respect and understand each other, and maintain a good communication and interaction.Interest underwear is a tool that increases your interests with your partner, not abuse.

keep clean

It is very important to keep the cleanliness of sexy underwear.Washing with a washing machine may destroy the design and fabric of sexy underwear.Therefore, it is best to wash it in hand, wash it with a neutral detergent, and then dry it in a cool and dry place.Cleaning erotic underwear can kill bacteria and maintain health and hygiene.

Follow the comfort

When wearing fun underwear at home, pay attention to comfort.Don’t ignore comfort because of the pursuit of sexy.Choosing the right style is free and comfortable when you love and love, which will make your sex experience more pleasant.

Switch between partners and mutual characters

The exchange of partners’ role exchange is an interesting way.After wearing a sexy underwear, playing different roles can experience a new pleasure.Try some new ways to make you and your partner closer and increase your fun.

in conclusion

Wearing sex underwear is a way to increase sexual interest.Choose the right sexy underwear and play the right role, create a comfortable atmosphere and pay attention to each other’s needs, which can increase your sex experience of you and your partner.

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