Want to see how you wear a sexy underwear

Want to see what you look like to wear sexy underwear?Try these tricks

Many women have a wish, just want to see how they wear sexy underwear, but they don’t know how to achieve it.Here are a few simple methods for you to help you realize this small wish.

1. Try when you are alone at home

If you want to experience a more personal experience, it is best to try it alone at home.This can be bold, don’t worry about being discovered by others.

2. Try with your beloved

It is also a good way to put sexy underwear to your favorite person.Your partner will praise your dress, and at this time you can also show your charming side in front of them.

3. Find out personal figure and preferences

The most important thing before trying through sex underwear is to find out your body and preferences to buy the right underwear.If you don’t understand your body and preferences, it is difficult to show the perfect effect.

4. Try different styles and colors

Try some different styles and colors of sexy underwear, which can better show your personality and style.In addition, the choice of style and color will also affect the body and complexion, so choose the one that suits you best.

5. Try to penetrate in appropriate occasions

Trying sexy underwear is best performed in appropriate occasions, such as special moments such as family parties, gatherings, Valentine’s Day or birthday.This will make you more confident and charming.

6. Choose comfortable underwear

Whether wearing fun underwear or usual underwear, comfort is very important.Choosing underwear that suits you can make you more comfortable and confident.

7. Look at what you look like in the mirror

It is best to stand in front of the mirror to see what you look like, so that you can better understand your charming and places that need to be strengthened.

8. Lighting to create an atmosphere

If you want a more romantic experience, you can click on a few candles on the room, or try to wear sex underwear in a soft situation, which can bring you a more pleasant experience.

9. Take pictures

Trying sexy underwear can take photos to take pictures, so that you can recall the beauty and confidence of this moment.

10. Live more confidently

Putting on sex underwear can make women more confident, happy and relaxed.This feeling can make people more confident and dare to try in daily life.


Trying sexy underwear is not only an experience, but also a way to express and emit confidence.No matter what ways you choose, you should enjoy your beauty and sexy.

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