Victoria Fun Underwear Show

Victoria Fun Underwear Show

Victoria ’s Secret sexy underwear has always been a high -profile brand in the fashion circle.And its annual underwear fashion show has become the long -awaited event in the world.This year’s Victoria sexy underwear show is about to begin. Let’s take a look at this wonderful show and the story behind it!

Review of the highlights of Victoria’s sexy lingerie show over the years

Since 1995, Victoria’s Fun Underwear Show has successfully held 23 sessions, bringing countless surprises and creativity to the fashion industry.Each Victorian sex underwear show has its own unique features. Let’s review the classic highlights of the years:

2014 show wings

As a highlight of the Victorian sex lingerie show, wings have always been an important prop for models to play angels.In the 2014 show, the wings were upgraded to show a variety of technology wings that can show a variety of different and styles, showing the unique personality and style of the models.

Lady Gaga’s help in 2016 show

In 2016, the Victorian sex underwear show, the international popular superstar Lady Gaga was invited to the scene. At the spacing of the show, she also sang her popular songs and injected more vitality and charm to the entire show.

2017 Show Field Angel Wings

In 2017, the Victorian sex underwear show, supermodel Bella Hadid’s oversized wings became the focus.The wings she wears are decorated with 17,000 crystal balls, which weighs more than 20 pounds, which makes people incredibly amazing.

2018 showfield Fantasy Bra

Every model on the Victorian sexy underwear show has the opportunity to show Fantasy Bra on his chest. This is a million -level sexy underwear, which is really addicted.On the 2018 show, the supermodel Elsa Hosk wearing Fantasy Bra, worth 1 million US dollars, caused a huge sensation around the world.

2019 Show Show Real API

In the 2019 Victoria sexy underwear show, the model appeared in a happy appearance, and also presented a breakthrough technology breakthrough -the huge screen background can present the true ecosystem of the models.

The change and reflection of the show in 2020

In 2020, Victoria’s sexy underwear show announced that it will no longer hold a traditional underwear fashion show, and instead uses other operating modes.The brand said that this is to better reflect on the social background of its products and the changes in modern women’s claims.The change of this show has aroused extensive social attention and enthusiastic discussions.

How to match sexy underwear

For many women, sexy underwear is not easily discovered by acquaintances as a private wear, which has also become an important way for many people’s daily personality and style expression.So, how to match sex underwear?Generally speaking, you can choose the same color or color models. In color matching, you need to pay attention to the overall sense of overall and sexy.In addition, in terms of style selection, appropriate adjustments should be made according to the figure and personal style.

Beginners to buy sexy underwear skills

For beginners, it is not easy to choose a sexy underwear that suits you.When buying, you can refer to the choice of others and make some choices based on your body and style.At the same time, you can also consider comprehensive consideration of sexy, comfortable, packaging and price, and finally choose products that are suitable for your needs.


As a major event in the international fashion industry, Victoria’s Fun Lingerie Show has injected more and more creative and technological elements into the times, which not only makes people eye -catching, but also shows the independence and self -confidence of modern women.For beautiful women, choosing a sexy underwear that suits them has also become an important way to show her charm and style.

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