Vibration milk ring erotic lingerie training story

Introduction: Touring for the tuning of milk ring sex underwear

Dragon sexy underwear is a sexual product that makes women feel different. It can use the vibration power to wrap the areolas to achieve the effect of irritation.The following is a real story, which records the tuning journey of milk ring sex underwear in the mood.

On the first day, the first tried attempt

For the first time, I used the milk ring sex underwear, and my mood was a little excited.Put the sexy underwear and start the vibrator. The initial feeling was a bit strange, but as the breast ring gradually tightened, I felt that the areola began to be stimulated, and slowly entered the state.

The next day, it feels more and more numb

When wearing it the next day, I felt that I had begun to adapt.The areola was wrapped in, and a small moaning sound was made in his mouth. The feeling of crispy and numbness began to strengthen, making people’s heartbeat accelerate, and it could not be relieved for a long time.

On the third day, the crazy climax

On the third day, the partner began to participate.He controlled the vibrator and controlled his strength at will, making me difficult to resist.Over time, I was deeply trapped in the climax of the ocean and could not extricate myself. The desire in my heart was released in the vibration.

On the fourth day, the stimulus of the milk ring sex underwear gradually strengthened

Starting on the fourth day, the vibration of the milk ring sex underwear gradually strengthened.The tingling sensation gradually turned into a comfortable feeling, which made people relax and entered a special state.The amount of milk rings gradually increases, making people more and more difficult to extricate themselves.

On the fifth day, the stimulus reaches the extreme

On the fifth day, when I put on the sexy lingerie underwear, a strong stimulus rushed to face, making me want to collapse.The frequency of vibration gradually accelerated, stimulating a certain point in my heart, making me trembling fiercely in the moaning sound.

On the sixth day, the temptation of sexy underwear

On the sixth day, when I heard the sound of the milk ring rotating, the fragrance of the erotic underwear came.These have become my spiritual needs, so I can’t leave them anymore.At this time, the state of mind was completely immersed in it, making me unable to draw.The role of milk ring sex lingerie gradually becomes a special temptation.

On the seventh day, it feels unable to separate

On the seventh day, I found that I started to feel that I couldn’t separate the sexy lingerie.When it leaves itself, the body will have a sense of deficiency, as if you have lost something.When it is worn on the body, this pleasure it enjoyed has become a necessity in life.

On the eighth day, I have the courage to try multiple ways

Starting on the eighth day, I started to try different ways to give me different stimuli to me.Or traditional lying down and enjoy, or try different pleasures in a posture.Control your own feelings, try various solutions, and always maintain curiosity and creativity.

On the ninth day, the role of sexy underwear is gradually integrated into life

On the ninth day, I gradually discovered that the tuning process of the milk ring sex underwear has gradually integrated into life.Whether you walk or take a car, you can feel the feeling of excitement, as if the breast ring has become part of his body.

On the tenth day, the exploration of pleasure did not terminate

On the tenth day, I felt that I had found the most comfortable way I felt and most comfortable.But I will still find new pleasure and try new exploration.Dragrus is sexy underwear, its effect can always provide me with endless happiness and happiness.

Conclusion: Interesting underwear is a journey of exploration pleasure

Dragon’s sexy underwear gave me a journey of exploring pleasure, and it was also the wonderful experience, a experience that gradually incorporated into life.The role of milk ring sex lingerie made me feel the mystery of my body and let me experience a different life.It allows women to fully experience their bodies and enjoy endless pleasure.

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