Use a rope to make fun underwear girls

Use a rope to make fun underwear girls

Interest underwear is an indispensable essential product for modern women. It can not only shape the sexy body shape, but also enhance the experience of fun and sex.Recently, with the rope DIY sexy underwear, with its ingenious design style, it has become a new wave chased by some sexy underwear enthusiasts.

Here are how to make the detailed steps and precautions for making sexy underwear by the rope.

Choose a suitable rope

First, choose the right material.The material of the rope is directly related to the comfort and safety of the wearer.The first tried enthusiasts can choose a softer cotton rope or a very thin metal series rope, which can not only reduce skin irritation, but also enhance beauty.The ropes of different materials need to be used in different methods, and the actual use of each line will be very different.

design style

Secondly, on the basis of choosing a rope, design a sexy underwear that suits you according to personal preferences and needs.Under normal circumstances, you can find inspiration by checking some information -related information and design software of sexy underwear. First, you have a general understanding of the overall shape and style, and then combined with personal characteristics to improve and expand.

How to weave

Starting to weave sexy underwear, you need to understand the basic knots first.Including but not limited to fish scales, sandwiches, inverted triangles and box knots.These ropes are common in later weaving and need to be proficient.For the first time, it is recommended to choose a simple and clear weaving method to prevent failure caused by too difficult operations.

Binding size

At the same time, pay attention to the required size when weaving underwear.If the size is different, it may cause the underwear to be too loose or too tight, making the wearer feel uncomfortable.You can first try some basic combination methods when you learn the knitting rope knot first, adjust the length of the rope, and gradually grasp the size and proportion of the underwear.

Design site

In addition, pay special attention to the comfort and binding site of the rope, not only to avoid destroying the skin, but also to enhance the visual effect.When making women’s underwear or bra, a certain actual measurement size can be used to stabilize and sexy pirates to better adjust various binding parts and loosening rationality.

color match

In addition, the color of the rope also needs to be considered.From simple black and white and gray to colorful and colorful, different colors will give people different emotional presentations.For example, black can enhance the taste and mystery, while red can enhance enthusiasm and uniqueness can improve attractiveness.Therefore, it is very important to choose the right color.


Finally, the purpose of making sexy underwear with ropes must be more than just for production. It is more important to fully obtain the actual sexy effect of the underwear through the fun experience.In addition to becoming a wearer experience, you can also invite your partner to experience and communicate together, strengthen the sensory experience in sex, and add a fun and happiness.

in conclusion

It is a very creative experience to make a rope for sexy underwear, but it should be noted that the material of the rope must be selected, the design is flexible, and then the size and part are weaving and binding.The final effect needs to be perfect through continuous exploration and testing, so that you and your partner can feel the best sexy experience.

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