Use a rope to make a tutorial of sexy underwear

Use a rope to make a tutorial of sexy underwear


Want to play more exciting in bed?Try to make a messy underwear with a rope!This will not only increase the taste of husband and wife, but also enhance some stimulus. Come and try!


Before starting production, prepare a fine rope of about 1.8 meters long, you can choose color and material according to your own needs.In addition, scissors and some fixed rope props are needed, such as buttons, ring, etc.

Step 1: Tie trousers

Tour the rope from the bottom of the body, cross the waist, and tie a button at the intersection.Then buckle both ends along the waistline, and finally tied to the back, so that a trouser belt tied to the waist is completed.

Step 2: Tie the crotch

The rope is around the side of the body along the side of the body, crossing the crotch part, forming a triangle.Then turn the two ends towards the side of the body, and finally buckle on the back.

Step 3: Tie the thigh

Below the rope on the waist, turn the rope around the thigh, cross the cross, move forward, and move around the thigh behind the thigh.Then turn the two ends and buckle on the side.The other leg can also be tied like this.

Step 4: Tie ankle

Rub the ropes at both ends to the ankle, cross around the front, and then return to the side to be buckled on the side.Similarly, the other ankle needs to be tied like this.

Step 5: Adjust the size

After the production is completed, you need to fine -tune the strap to ensure that the strap is suitable for the body of the wearer.You can relax or tighten the rope according to your needs to achieve the best dressing effect.

Step 6: Note

You need to pay attention to some matters when making and wearing sexy underwear.First, choose a soft rope when using the rope to avoid scratching the skin.Secondly, we must not wear too long to avoid affecting your health.If you feel uncomfortable, you need to solve the sexy underwear in time.

Step 7: Sanitary cleaning

To do a certain cleaning before you wear it.You can use soap and warm water to clean the rope and use it after drying.Avoid multiple uses to avoid rope deformation or damage.

Step 8: Creative DIY

Given the flexibility of making sexy underwear with rope, you can also design itself according to your creativity.By changing the tie and size of the rope, you can create different shapes and let you have different experiences.

in conclusion

Making sexy underwear does not require too much materials and tools. As long as you master the tie method, you can make unique sexy underwear to make your sex life more exciting and colorful.However, you need to pay attention to the appropriate time and method when wearing to avoid unnecessary damage.

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