Turbucho Pleuel

Turbucho Pleuel

Ruwu and fun underwear is a very sexy underwear. They are characterized by changing the shape and giving a mystery. At the same time, this underwear usually highlights the body curve of women and increases sexy atmosphere.Below, we will introduce in detail the bumpy lingerie.

1. What is a bumpy underwear?

Ruwu Interesting underwear is a sexy underwear, mainly with noble materials, exquisite handmade and strange shapes to highlight the charm of women.Because of its unique shape and excellent wearable effect, it has gradually become the first choice for young women to choose sexy underwear.

2. Types of bumpy underwear

There are many types of bumpy underwear, including body -shaping, lace coats, bras, hollow underwear, and so on.Different styles of design have their own unique characteristics, bringing different sexy experiences.

3. The material of the bumpy underwear

There are many materials for bumpy and interesting underwear, such as lace, silk, fish nets, PU leather, and so on.These materials have good elasticity and fit, and can highlight the figure of women.

4. Color choice of bumpy underwear

The color choice of bumpy underwear is very important because color is an important dimension of sexy scores.Generally speaking, the dull colors of black and red are more sexy, while white, pink and other colors are more fresh and sweet.

5. How to choose the size?

Different underwear brands may be different. Therefore, it is recommended to understand your size before choosing a bumpy underwear, and choose the appropriate size for different brands to ensure the wear effect and comfort of the underwear.

6. How to match the bumpy underwear?

When pairing with bumpy underwear, we need to match with other clothing.For example, wearing a bras can be paired with high -waisted short skirts or shorts to expose waist and leg lines to increase sexy atmosphere.

7. How to maintain bumpy and sexy underwear?

Because the material of the bumpy underwear is different from ordinary underwear, it is necessary to be careful when maintenance, avoiding wear and excessive stretching affects the effect of underwear.It is recommended to use hand washing or soft washing methods to avoid using bleaching powder and bleaching ingredients.

8. Use of bumpy underwear

Ruwu Intellectual underwear is very suitable for use on special occasions, such as Valentine’s Day, parties or celebrations.They can increase interest and atmosphere and let people experience different sexy feelings.

9. Together with sexy and healthy

Although bumpy underwear can bring good sexy effects, we also need to pay attention to the frequency of wearing ruts of sexy underwear, so as not to affect physical health.

10. The value of the bumpy underwear

Turbuy and fun underwear not only brings a sexy feeling, but also more importantly to add self -confidence and charm to women.When wearing these underwear, women can feel their beauty and sexy, enhance self -confidence and charm, and have certain advantages in attracting the opposite sex.

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