There will be men who don’t like sexy underwear

Brief introduction

The popularity of sexy underwear is a fashion phenomenon in modern society.Different from traditional underwear, sexy underwear is very sexy and seductive.However, although most women are willing to try these underwear in person, some men still don’t appreciate these underwear.This article will discuss why there are men who don’t like sexy underwear.


Different aesthetic

First, there may be differences between men and women.Even if the sexy underwear is designed to seduce men, men and women’s definition of "sexy" are very different.Some men may think that sexy underwear is too exposed, too bold, and too enchanting, but will make themselves uncomfortable.

Not suitable for character

Secondly, men’s personality characteristics will also affect their acceptance of sexy underwear.Some men are more conservative and traditionally. They believe that women’s charm does not need to be exposed through bare body, but also shows the charm of temperament and inherent quality.These men often don’t like sexy underwear.

Different cultural traditions

In addition, the cultural background will also affect a person’s attitude towards sexy underwear.In Western culture, sexual liberation and opening up are more popular, and people’s acceptance of sexy underwear is relatively high.However, in traditional Chinese culture, women’s "chastity" is very important. Therefore, some men will think that sexy underwear will damage the image of women and does not accept such underwear.

The use scenario is not practical

The original intention of sexy underwear is to make couples add interest, but some men think that the use of these underwear is narrow and not practical.For example, wearing sexy underwear in hot days will feel uncomfortable, and when using it at night, if you are tired of work or in a bad mood, you may want to get a way to relax and solve your companion.

quality problem

For some men who value underwear quality, sexy underwear may not be the best choice.Because the style of sexy underwear is more fancy, focusing on visual effects, and ignoring the basic function of the underwear: comfort and health protection.Some men may be more willing to let their girlfriends choose a quality and protective underwear.

Different values

In some men’s eyes, the value of sexy underwear is not very high.Before spending a huge price to buy sexy underwear, they would rather choose to buy other more valuable items with the same money.In this case, buying sexy underwear has become a low -value choice.

External factors

Sometimes men’s attitude towards sexy underwear is also affected by external factors such as family, life.If a man’s family and work are more monotonous, they may pay more attention to some practical and meaningful things, and they are not willing to spend time and energy on sexy underwear.


Finally, there are some psychological reasons that may cause men to not like sexy underwear.For example, some men may suffer emotional injuries in other experiences before, so they pay more attention to the inner quality when choosing a girlfriend, and they will not pay too much attention to appearance and dress.In addition, some men and women have different sexual orientation, so they may not be interested in feminine clothing such as sexy underwear.

in conclusion

In the era when sexy underwear is popular, it is taken for granted that men do not like such underwear.Everyone’s views on aesthetics, personality, cultural traditions, etc. are different, so they have different attitudes to sexy underwear accordingly.When wearing or using sexy underwear, we should respect everyone’s choice and ideas, and be a tasteful and stylish sexy underwear enthusiast.

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