There are several men in the name of sexy underwear


Interesting underwear is popular because of its unique nature, which can have a stylish appearance and enhance women’s confidence.These underwear usually have different names, and some names are confused due to gender.This article will explain the gender differences of the name of the sexy underwear.

Men’s sexy underwear

Men’s sexy underwear is a underwear designed for men.These underwear usually include underwear, clothes and other designs.Some common male sexy underwear includes: "Bondi", "G Strings", "Butterfly Pants" and so on.At the same time, some underwear designed for women is also very popular in the men’s market, such as lace bras, cat ear holes, etc.

Women’s sexy underwear

Women’s erotic lingerie is an underwear designed for women.These underwear have many different names, representing different styles and uses.For example, "bikini", "hanging straps" and "hood".The design of women’s sex lingerie is to emphasize the charm and sexy of women, which is very important for every woman.

Neutral sexy underwear

Neutral sexy underwear is an underwear that has nothing to do with gender. The purpose of these underwear design is to allow the wearers to play creativity and self -expression.Neutral sexy underwear is usually very simple, sometimes even those styles that look like conventional underwear, such as vest mysterious underwear, perspective corset, hollow underwear, etc.

Leisure underwear

This underwear is designed for daily wear, usually with soft fabric and comfortable dressing experience.This underwear usually has a large cup that provides women with comfort and support.They are usually designed to be simple and modern, so that they can be worn at will.

Belly pista underwear

Beltic underwear is a kind of underwear, which is usually related to Asian culture, especially Chinese culture.The bellyband underwear was originally used in Asia, and it gradually spread to other regions.It has become a unique sexy underwear style worldwide.Beltic underwear usually involves color and texture of color and texture, but the most important thing is its uniqueness.

Maternity underwear

Underwear for pregnant women is a underwear designed for pregnant women.These underwear usually have soft fabrics, large cups and rich colors.This can provide appropriate support for pregnant women and maintain sufficient comfort.The design of pregnant women’s underwear is to adapt to the changing body size and make pregnant women feel good.


The bra is one of the most popular sexy underwear, known for its adaptation to various body shapes and styles.The types of bras include ordinary bra, shoulder strap bra, and front buckle bra.The design of the bras makes women feel good, and can also provide comfort and support for any special occasions.


Conjusational underwear is a underwear covering the entire upper body, usually a soft shirt design with a soft fabric.These underwear often have rich colors and gorgeous patterns.The design of the conjoined underwear can emphasize the body curve and charm, making women feel confident.


Interest underwear also includes all kinds of socks, such as thigh socks, tulle socks and hanging straps.These styles are usually used to improve sexuality, increase comfort or match clothing.The rich style and use of socks make them an indispensable part of women’s wardrobes.

in conclusion

The types of sexy underwear are very diverse, and each underwear has its specific design and role.Whether it is to improve sexuality, increase comfort, or self -confidence and self -expression -the design of sex underwear is designed to make each woman feel good and confident.Therefore, when buying a sexy underwear that suits you, you must understand the meaning and characteristics of these sexy underwear so that you can choose the most suitable design for you.

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