The whole process of wearing a sex lingerie

The whole process of wearing a sex lingerie

When it comes to wearing sexy underwear, people often think of their beauty and sexy.However, modern sexy underwear also includes the diversity of comfort and style selection.Wearing a sexy underwear may look simple, but you need to pay attention to some key details.Below is the whole process of wearing fun underwear.

Choose sexy underwear

First, choose a sexy underwear that suits you.There are many types of erotic underwear, including bras, stockings, underwear, naked back and Gadin.Generally speaking, you should choose sexy underwear that suits your body shape and size.In addition, you need to consider your needs and the occasion to ensure that the selected sexy underwear is suitable for the image you want to show.


Before wearing sex lingerie, you need to prepare some preparations.First of all, you need to ensure that your choice is clean and tidy without any damage or defect.In addition, you need to pay attention to the accessories of sexy underwear, such as tie rope, handcuffs, etc. to ensure that they can easily open and open.

Wearing a bra

If you choose the bray -type sexy underwear, then you need to unlock it.Met the two bra cups at your breasts, then press the button on the back and pull the shoulder strap in place.You can adjust your shoulder appropriately to achieve the best comfort and fit effect.

Wear down

Next, before dressing, first determine the sanitary state of sexy underwear.Wearing underwear or dressing can make you feel more comfortable and safer.Some erotic underwear are skirts and need to be worn on underwear.No matter what kind of bottoming you choose, you should pay attention to the matching effect and hygiene of the sexy underwear and the lower dress.

Wearing stockings

If you decide to wear stockings, you should slide them on your feet for a while to ensure that they are comfortable and fit.Then you can carefully pull up stockings to reach the height you want.Finally, you can put on the shoes you choose to match with stockings.

Choose suitable shoes

Shoes are an important part of sexy underwear.After preparing the shoes, put them on your feet carefully to ensure that they are comfortable.You also need to pay attention to the effect of shoes and sexy underwear.

Tie strap

Some erotic underwear may have tied ropes or other accessories.These items can be used to enhance the sexy degree of sexy underwear.Make sure your security rights and tetries are tied, and you should not let yourself be harmful in the subsequent interest interaction.

Careful hairstyle

It is also important for wearing sexy underwear.You can choose the hairstyle and makeup method that suits your appearance to enhance the sexy level of the entire shape.

Personal psychology

Finally, please make sure you have a good psychological preparation and physical and psychological protection to ensure that there are no unnecessary unnecessary stimuli or injuries in the interesting experience of your partner.


Wearing a sexy underwear is a hearty and challenging experience.It is a pity to give care to the interesting experience of the other half, so we have to show our temperament with the charm and the charmingness of the partner as much as possible.After correctly matching erotic underwear and shape, you will realize that this is a very good way to enhance sexy temperament.

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